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You just broken into the buy in first team 2021 when you decided to leave in search of more regular minutes. You spent a season and a half on loan at hoffenheim, where you caught the eye of a legion of teams, come last summer's transfer window, Southampton, Brighton, legion united were all linked to you, but in July 2022, you decided to move to Crystal Palace, blockbuster signing $13 million Premier League football was now to be yours in South London. What was it about the mighty eagles? What did the incredible Patrick era see to you Chris that made you decide this? This is going to be the place for me. You know, I think everybody knows Vieira from how he was as a player and he'd do anything to win and like you said, you know, center house will do anything to win. You know, not necessarily that we'll score the goals, but it was one of those things where he kind of brought the same mentality that I had when I first decided to start playing center half, it was one of those things where it was, it was like that, you know, and he very much he very much played into that without even knowing and he kind of gave me that sense of, you know, we're going to fight for each other. We're very much a family club and you hear about teens being family clubs, but when you get here, it really is a family. And it's really cool because a lot of us are on the same age, a lot of us, you know, we have a lot of same experiences growing up and he didn't really have to tell me much if I'm being honest with you, you know? Palace is palace. The Premier League South London, you can just tell from television that the guys enjoy each other and it's a quality team, so that's all it took for me. Palace is palace. It is listeners if you have not been one of the greatest places to watch and play football in England. The selhurst park atmosphere crackling out the home Dell end.

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