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Fifty dollars. For each treatment instead of fifteen hundred or three thousand a lot of patients fine. Okay. That's an avenue that I could get. Well. Okay. So let's let's reset this for a second. You're listening to super health. That's Dr Brian Frank. I'm Kyle drew talking about various options when it comes to stem cell therapy. There's a lot of people who maybe have been putting this off. They know that their hip is aching. They know that the doc said ou might need knee replacement. They're in pain they're walking around gimpy and they have explored stem cell therapy. And they go, whoa. So that's the price of this stuff. Without knowing that there are three different versions of stem cell therapy. And the most expensive one is the one that you hear advertised all the time. But on this show, we talk about all of the effective ways of getting stem cell therapy, including classic prolotherapy. Which is what Dr Brian Frank is talking about today. It's impressive that you say that each of these have about the same response rate. So so we're not talking about I'm kind of getting the one that's not quite as effective, but at least it's cheap. No, we're talking about things that have pretty much equal effectiveness. But here's a version that is affordable relative to the expensive stem cell therapy. It's affordable. And it's one of these things that has a great response rate. And it's using your body's own natural stem cells to do the regenerating is that a decent summary of what I just heard. Yeah. That's a that's a great description. And and you know, I also liked it always mentioned to my patients. I'm an anesthesiologist. I've spent decades in the operating room, I'm not opposed to surgery sometimes you need surgery. But I oppose the surgery before it's necessary. You know, when when it's because the vast majority of surgery in America is is elective that means were electing to do that. It's not emergency. And so I'm just a big proponent of doing things conservatively. I because gee whiz. You know, there are problems that can happen in surgery. My my own mother had a total knee replacement and the surgeon was great. He was a friend of mine, but she didn't do very well with it. She had a number of other health problems at probably entered into that. But she really would have done better. If she was taken the conservative route, I get it. And that's the thing is that if there if there's only one option. Presented to a patient. Well, then obviously the patient's going to go with that one. And only option if there's a number of options, then you get to decide together, then the process of deciding your treatment can actually be collaborative with your physician rather than just something that I mean, again what I see out there. In in various physicians offices, Dr Frank I know it wouldn't surprise you. But it it's it is surprising to me how sometimes a patient will walk in. And the doctor will just say okay here the things that we're doing today. And here's how we're going to treat you, and there's very little conversation with the patient at all. And the patients you said, he yes, sir. Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am. No, sir. Well, there's very little no, ma'am. Or no, sir. But there's a whole lot of. Yes. Whatever you say. And whatever the price is. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love your approach dock. And I know that when patients come to you I've seen it personally hands on when you were treating my wife, and I know that you spend time and others who have come to you of reported back to me they've been spies, by the way. Dr Franken is we'll just tell you. I've had spy and they've all reported the same thing, man. This guy is caring, man. This guy spends a lot of time, man. He gives me great options. And he understands that I have a wallet. That's not an. Inexhaustible? I want you to give Dr Frank McCall, if stem cells are something that you're looking at I want you to consider prolotherapy. Classic prolotherapy..

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