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Own new website, W, w j, NewsRadio dot com. WBZ news time to eleven. You want to get ready for more roundabouts in Oakland County road commission for Oakland County spokesman Craig Bryson talked with WWE as Brooke Allen, about the upcoming and ongoing projects, including a roundabout maple and Middlebelt, the biggest one that's coming up right now in this area is the maple Middlebelt roundabout and culvert replacement project. So that's at the intersection of maple and middle belt and then the culvert is just to the east of that. Of course, we've got some other big projects going on all around the county, Baldwin road in orientation chip is a big one, a continuation of the widening project, basically, if my seventy five north Walden road, that's a big one. We will have another roundabout out at Cooley late and Carol lake road. Starting in another month or two. But a lot of roundabout projects going up six round of us this year. It's a record for us. We've never done more than maybe two in a single year. So, so how come why of right reasons, number one, the Baldwin project in and of itself, has three there's pull five in that project? We built to last year three more this year. So that's that in and of itself is a big one. But the reason we are doing roundabouts generals. They do two things they're much safer than a signal as intersection reduced fatalities. They you're serious injury crashes and they move more traffic engineering. Studies have repeatedly shown debate increase road capacity by thirty to fifty percent. They reduce traffic fatalities by about ninety percent. So I mean from from safety point of view, virtually nothing else. We can do that can reduce fatalities by ninety percent. And as far as traffic capacity it has the potential to have the equivalent of widening a road for say a mile section by simply focusing on the intersection and getting more capacity at the intersect. Because the intersections are where traffic backs up if you think about it because of the lights. Well envy. Because that's where there's a crackling of traffic might be some give and take. So in a traffic signal backs up traffic more than around about a traffic signal stops traffic in two directions at all times. There's tutoring staffed right around about all-direction flowing all at all times in all directions. So it moves more traffic. That's interesting that there's so many positives for safety, but people have a very negative. They do feeling about these. They do. There is a perception problem.

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