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Oh you can just go back. Whenever could live there so growing up in north carolina. Everyone plays flu disney. Which just puts more pressure on it right so i think the first thing to do is just just relieve. Everyone's pressure and think about all there is to offer and you don't have to do it all in one trip and you don't have to do it all ever you know if there are not into zoos. I mean really think about that before you go hold to spend a day. I mean if it's just think epcot can be one of those things. That's really fun for outs. And you have to figure out the different parts of your kids will like so goes back to thinking through. What are the expectations that you have for yourself in that trump and maybe your children separately and usually if you're there a whole week you could plan accordingly. You know one family member wants really wants to do this thing. Then everyone is going to do that. Thing but you've got to think about your kids tolerance that because there really is so much to do it almost too much to do. And you have to really streamline it and match match it with what your kids enjoy and what. They are looking forward to as a travel agent. I actually tried to get families to schedule a resort day right in the middle as the day just just to just to relax. We see my. I'm throwing my wife under the bus. But my wife and her family if they go to disney they're there when the rope drops to the very end to their chevy out of the park because there by golly they're going to get their money's worth disney and that's just not you know when you look back at your steps for that day you were like seventeen thousand steps and for kids. That's yeah that's got to to more just because they're little legs. You know trying to keep up. But i always encourage families just to take a break you.

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