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Through the five zero allows zero hours okay the aai lullaby was created through deep learning which they say is based on layers of artificial intelligence was trained on a traditional folk music because they say folk music a lullaby sherlock of the same elements and a lot of people report falling asleep because the lullabies mimic the melody's made up of descending patterns of notes and so uh michael you have both correct i do you have which can can we hear the human lullaby first that's the with the gizmodo east sleep so we're going for me right now which fatigue okay now let's listen i remember this is a computer created artificial intelligence lullaby it was done by massive computers she'd muse mm which one do you like better these are pretty close to a arm has i'd have to go to the second one the second one is a little slower acer now here's your here's your takehome message yes uh we're gonna make michaels going to email you to file the fi we want you to try without always be sure that you're recording this because we need the video to so alaways is screaming okay ed she's not wanting to go to sleep and then you can play a lullaby he's a one night will strive the the human mind and the other night will try the artificial intelligence and see which would actually put to immediate that this week sure trust me there will not be a night were shoes onscreen arcade now in this story i thought this was interesting and then i total side note is that they pulled parents and what are the tunes that they sing for la la paz gay stay with me by sam speth let's go one case with slow okay i'm not sure about this when sweet child of mine by guns in wrote k y why why why how a but these are some ideas you might want to do with ele we know icing show tunes.

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