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No matt ryan the five of eight. Okay matt ryan ryan didn't have twenty one. I think he was horrible in week. One my crazy. Maybe i'm maybe it's five of their last seven. Yeah it's five of their last seven. Yeah yeah okay. So start actor. And then. For the chargers wide receivers williams two straight games with two catches in less than thirty yards on five targets. And now i think he's going to see some darius slay so start. Who do you like better williams or allen and are they starts. I have allen ranked one spot ahead of mike williams. I like alan better. I think he's got the better match up. And i think that it's been proven now. We're the last couple of games for the chargers that if mike williams is in tight coverage or teams are doubling him which we saw the patriots do in the red zone on a number of occasions last week. Justin herbert's not dumb enough to throw it. Adam it'll go in a different direction. That's where jared cook comes into play because not only. Is it a favorable matchup for for jericho against philadelphia. But also that's a guy that's never ever ever gonna get double teamed when they're in the red zone. Would you start any of the waiver. Wire guys over mike williams. So we're talking devante parker boston. Scott peterson mcnichols. The only two that. I think i would are scott parker and right now. I've got parker a notch behind williams in the rankings. That's one. I could see myself changing pretty quickly. All right jared cook is just inside the top twelve gene. Another one would go ahead of. Mark hooper especially if lambs not there. So so okay. Let's keep an eye on the chargers cornerbacks because jalen hurts has been horrible. Throwing the ball against tough matchups hundred ninety eight yards at carolina Hundred and fifteen yards against tampa bay. Some people might not even consider them tough match-up but they've been playing better lately in their pass rushes obviously really good and Eighteen to thirty four. For two hundred and thirty six yards at las vegas but in every one of those games. He scored twenty two or more points. So that's why it's hard to get away from them. You have herbert ahead of her. It's jamie and heath do not but they're ranked similarly.

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