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Street Rotterdam five one eight three seven two nine one two four Mohawk valley railroad dot com Monday morning with shocking Kelly illegal journal of medicine says there are a lot of benefits to intermittent fasting is it worth it doesn't work that's at seven fifteen shock and Kelly mornings five thirty tonight on WGY well you got part timers on the weekend but this weather is nothing to be worried about because it's gonna get colder so don't worry about the part time warm weather going into the weather room with bill decker so you said this warm weather is going to eventually end yeah and in some places act it is ending already this morning a cold front is working its way through a quite a temperature range across the capital region right now it's sixty two Clifton park go up the road ahead to Saratoga springs thirty nine degrees so the front is moving its way through the area I don't think we'll see that big of a drop that quickly and then it all the itself but we're talking about temperatures slowly falling throughout the day today maybe to cope by this afternoon and evening we go from the sixties into the thirties we've already broken a record high for the day sixty three for two years ago but again it's only down from here after some showers exit the sunshine comes back out and it's going to be a little windy tonight partly cloudy lo twenty six tomorrow Tuesday breaks of sun forty two tomorrow forty six Tuesday some such I Wednesday forty five perhaps some snow on Thursday the high around a thirty eight the so yeah this is as warm as it gets and again in some places already see the temperature drop cloud falls thirty four right now so the cold air is Sir coming all right bell thank you will talk to you next weekend I'll talk to you then that was bill day Gator digger with accu weather and now for more of the best of Joe Gallagher we got about forty five minutes left motions of the is wonderful brokers quarter the church chip shot the lawyers you number no no no no don't go don't go for that I don't that that is not that is not true and of that as far as the cheap shots I mean all you gotta do is look at some of our coworkers you would do he can.

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