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The boris building right across the street from the liberty bell is set to reopen this summer as a world class food hall it's going to be called boris marketplace the story from kyw steve tower the bore smack dab in the middle of what's described as america's most historic square mile is expecting quite a bit of foot traffic according to m r p realty managing director charlie mcgrath completed in eighteen ninety five it's our architecture style is heavily ornamented mcgrath says it's got great bones when i walked through this building it looked like a beautiful old relic that was somewhat forgotten retail consultant mike morris of canada says the twenty four thousand square foot food court on the ground floor will include twenty nine vendors each of which executes a different concept you have a cheese steak pizza operator give a korean taco concept they should be up and operated within forty five to sixty days steve taiwa kyw newsradio and now it's time for the business report it was a down day on wall street tuesday just ahead of the break for the fourth of july now the numbers from bloomberg years jeff bellinger investors turned cautious ahead of the fourth of july break and stocks ended lower the dow jones industrials and the s and p five hundred both foul half a percent the dow is marking time at twenty four thousand one seventy four the nasdaq closed nine tenths percent lower chad morgan lander at washington crossing advisers says trade tensions are being felt on wall street and elsewhere you're starting to see the echo effect of economic deceleration albeit modest but nonetheless it does affect global trade earnings as well as the financial markets morgan lander says stocks could face some headwinds in the weeks ahead amazon made it official monday july sixteenth will be prime day and the special deals won't just be offered online they'll be extended to whole foods markets ebay is looking to counter amazon announcing it will offer thousands of exclusive deals on july seventeenth crude oil futures rose to seventy four thirteen.

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