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Now when it comes to leaving pets alone when boone docking I have a hard time leaving Finn in our RV while we're boondock so that kind of limits the things that were able to do When Boone docking for an extended period of time But if I do or when I do like okay. We're going on a little hike coming back. I always make sure that generators running with the AC or heater on whatever is necessary to make sure that Finney doesn't get too hot or too cold because we want to take care of him like he takes care of us. So you're going for your first time. Boone docking ever. I would recommend to make sure to know where the closest RV Parkas and the reason. Why is because you want to test out locally? You want to test out near your home or within a friend or family's home before you do it for a whole week. You know you WANNA go learn kind of like what we did with mammoth caves. You know when we were first learning how to just hook up an RV we went to mammoth caves and we checked it out and tried it out found our mistakes and our issues and that really helped us in the long haul Because we had like a small instance of what we needed and then in these situations and boone docking. When you're going to do you want to test that out locally as well you can even test out in your own backyard. But just make sure that you're not going to your fridge in your home for a beer. You want to know that you can have a cold beer in your In your fridge and your RV as well so make sure to take the time to learn about your RV Watch some videos. There's great youtube tutorials on Youtube about Boondock and for the first time stakes for the first time issues that they run into and I think it's really an important thing to do your research before you just go halfway across the country to think you can boondock anywhere and everywhere because finding these places are not easy. They're not close to things. They're not going to be in your national parks. They're normally not around your national parks But sometimes you know you can get away with it for the night but you know you have to be very careful because you do not want to disturb the wildlife. The reason main reason why Boondock is not allowed in national parks is because people will run their January vehicles all night well that changes the ecosystem wildlife's behavior the whole entire. Shebang of what the National Park is about and it's about preserving and protecting those animals and wildlife so when people are Boone in national parks any large numbers. It's not safe for that environment. So that's Boondocks with Brad That's one of the hardest episodes to really talk about. Because there's so many different situations with boone docking. And if you have questions please please please reach out to us on twitter at Parkland Lia pod instagram at Park. Land Pod or start a conversation in our Park Land Air Rangers facebook group. This is about like campfire conversations. We really want you to start a conversation so we can get community impact and and feedback because that is what makes park land is so special to us. Is The community that it's building so please reach out to us work so excited and so happy to have you listening today because we love all of this. You've been listening to park. Land a show about National Parks Park Land as production of iheartradio created by Matt Carroll. Wak Brad Care. Wok and Christopher has Yoda's produced an edited by Mike. John's our executive producer is Christopher. Notice our researcher Jesulin Shield a special. Thanks GOES OUT TO GABRIEL COLLINS. Crystal waters and the rest of the park India crew. And Hey listeners. If you're enjoying the show leave us a review on Apple? Podcast helps other people like you find our show. You can keep up with a on social media as well check out our photos from our travels and Instagram at Park. Alenia pod and join in on the conversation in our facebook group Park Landale Rangers from our podcast. My heart radio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts for Ravioli favorite shows and as always thank you for listening.

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