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Still isn't over yet every day the passengers alter better for the dams did the press underplay the Blue Wave. We'll talk about that plus a major scandal in the news world, the Houston chronical forced to attract multiple stories from reporter who is believed have been making up sources, whether it be chronicle do about it. We'll talk to the papers top editor, plus my interview with Tucker Carlson's business partner about that. Really disturbing situation that Tucker is home the other night, this antifa protest got out of hand. And police are now investigating. Lots to get to but first President Trump's attempts to distract from various negative stories in the news, not the least of which were the result of the midterms. And the GOP is losses in the house. What did you do the next day? He fired his attorney general, and he kicked Jim Acosta out of the White House. I'm sure you've heard by now that on Wednesday night CNN's chief White House correspondent tried to show up for his eight PM live shot, and he was told he wasn't allowed into the White House property. His secret service hard pass had been revoked it's been suspended. That's the word from the White House suspended until further notice. But look this is not about Jim Acosta. This is about the White House. Trying to control news coverage by blacklisting certain reporters. Ultimately, it's about freedom of the press. The question now is who's credentials could be revoked next. As far as I'm concerned. I haven't made that decision, but it could be others. Also, so look C N N's in the thick of this story and Trump is insulting Kosta insulting Abby Phillips on Friday, insulting analysts April. Ryan this week CNN is on record here saying that Trump's attacks against the media are disturbingly un-american. That's the official word from CNN. But I want to try to approach this as dispassionately as we can after all right now, it's about CNN NBC or the New York Times or other outlets could be next. So I want to ask if there's a legal case here could see an end up suing. Notre get a conscious press pass reinstated. It will the White House take away other press passes, and what's going to happen. Next year. There's a lot to talk about. But let me start with the one the only Sam Donaldson. Of course, you know, see from his days at ABC shouting questions. Sometimes at the White House say I'm thanks for joining me. Glad to be here, ruin your view, first and foremost of what the White House did this week to punish Jim Acosta. Well, the president to order to lift his route book revoke his credentials is not only wrong and unfair. It's dangerous for the press as a whole. We also would happen at the news conference. There's a group of people moving through Mexico toward our border described by people on the scene observers who are neutral has made up of men women and children seeking asylum from persecution and from hardship. Well, the president is characterized him as a caravan composed of many terrorists want to invade the United States. He said thousands of troops to the border with orders to repel them by force if necessary so it costs to ask him why he called it a caravan at the news conference, the president replied, that's my opinion. And accustomed tried to press him on what basis but evidence he used to form that opinion, and instead of entering President Trump lashed out with a vicious personal attack on accuster, and then ordered his press credentials revoked now if that order isn't reverse for the courts what report. What news organization would risk the retaliation of the White House by asking questions or publishing stories that the president doesn't like the courts must reverse that order, and I'm sure they will Sam I know that you've been in touch with Jim over the years. I think he looks up to you in some ways as a model of a White House. Correspondent have you spoken this week? No. We haven't spoken, but I emailed him in and said keep it up. Don't worry about the vicious attacks on you by anybody and the threats and all of this..

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