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Concerns heading into Tuesday's championship match against Marseille as both Sergio Aguero and Gabrielle Jesus are expected to be out until November's international break with various injuries. Cities now left without a first team striker Calogero returns. Tottenham slipping past Burnley. One nil is some young men scores along goal for the Spurs in the 76 minutes. Scott moves up to fifth in the Premier League table. Meanwhile, a big matchup in Syria as a C Milan Roma, Plato, a three all draw asthma rash. Kabbalah scores equalizer in the 84th minute aroma. Ibrahimovic Scores of race from Milan Finally in the goodness, Lee Get buyer live acoustic knocks off Augsburg three. Toe one Lucas Ilario Brace, No World Series game on the schedule tonight with Game six tomorrow as Los Angeles Dodgers are one game away from clinching their first World Series title since 1988 holding a three games to two lead. Over the Tampa Bay Rays. Lake smell takes the mound for the Rays. Will the Dodgers counter with Tony Gone silent and FC match about Monday night Football as a foreign to Los Angeles Rams are hosting five and one Chicago bears. It's so by stadium. There's air perfect three and on the road this year with the Rams or to know at home Odell Beckham Jr. Season over as a memory is confirmed that the Cleveland Browns wide receiver as a tornado seal on his left knee suffered during Sunday's win over the Bangles on the season. The 27 year old has close to 320 yards and three touchdowns on Dan Schwartzman. Thatyou're Bloomberg World Sports Update markets Headlines and Breaking NEWS 24 Hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg Business APP on Bloomberg Quick. Take this. He's a Bloomberg business flash. All right, well, what was likely to be over here in Asia futures, pointing lower in Japan.

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