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Here's Laurie Still seeing delays Route three South getting through Bedford to 1 28. We had a breakdown on the ramp there. That really caused some problems for us getting out to 1 28 in Burlington, 95 North and continues to be tough Deposit Street to 93 South on Expressway. Some happier volume now Southampton Street. Savin Hill in the North bound side is slow. Not as bad as it Wass. It's just heavy volume. Now. The Pont Circle to Columbia Road Lever Connector continues to be tough force and to end let's check out Route one. Now with Chris Neck in the mob for insurance, copter alert. We've been our way up to the fern crops or yourself of the tops, field lines. Lovely up here volumes pretty light this morning of the South Inside, everyone heading down through the jug, handle lights and Peabody and beyond that down past hockey town in Saugus, Just beware of the late shift. CS Crows As you approach the Tobin Bridge, Kristen offer insurance copter. You can expect delays in either direction and just about 15 minutes from now on Route three is the fore Fore River Bridge will be in the open position for a bit. Lori granted w B C's traffic on the three. Alright there. Laurie Toughs Childrens Hospital is small enough to move fast, big enough to move mountains. Tough Childrens Hospital is always working hard to treat disease and give every child their best childhood. More toughs. Children's dot org's sunshine and clouds today beautiful sunrise right now about Boston. We're going up to a high of 61. This's W B Z use radio 10 30 where the news watch never stops..

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