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One does. Dr Jon Murphy, Steve Tasker with one bills live joined. In studio again by our buddy, future Lee is a pro football hall of Famer. And of course, the bills Walla Famer and soon to is number retired by the Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas. Welcome back sermon, it's been months since you've been here. I think we'll back graft. Oh, man doing work before the season starts getting everything. During the season. I I do almost of doing say no to say no to allow. I I go some places, but most of the time I say, no. And I stay here, man. I don't go anywhere. I say, no everytime. Murph wants me to do something. Yeah. That's a nice. What else can we don't get nice gear? Like this to where he's a hall of Famer. He's two years old is it. Yeah. Good looks good on you though. From what they told me when I couldn't get my arms around your man, come on. You went to. And this is kind of stuff that people are interested in because I'm I'm kind of interested to see what you get requested to do charity softball game in Iowa on the field of dreams from the movie. Yeah. Yeah. Unfortunately, it got rained out. You know, we. Oh, we switched it to the to a high school. But yeah, got rained out. But I did get a chance to go over and see the field and holds all around this time of year. The Koren's probably way up way up. It goes for miles when you walk into the corny disappear. Oh, yeah. You just did you. Trails through it that you can walk through. My sense of direction is that good walk the walk right back. It's a tourist attraction. Right. It is. It is. I mean, they were actually that day there since we were having the celebrity golf softball tournament. There was about seven hundred fifty people there. Wow. Seven hundred fifty people are they usually say during the summertime or like, right? When the corn goes down or whatever. Two thousand people get to see like everything everything is not. Blocked off by the high chords, just a one lane road. Like, it is in the movie, the one lane is everything is. Yeah. That's what it really cancel the softball. Because. Stuck in a muck? Everything is just there's no paved road or anything like that. All spills in mud. I grew up in western Kansas. And yeah, it was dirt dirt roads dirt road shocked when I came in New York state, and there are no dirt. But. So you've been keeping tabs. I mean, you live live here. Locally talk to us about what your thoughts are list. I all the Starbucks. For you today. Okay. This guy is amazing with the people he meets and the people. He sees who. Did you see this field of dreams thing? I was mostly. It was baseball players. You know, I was there with dick Butkus and Jerry Kramer. Okay. They were the manner you holiday. I couldn't even pick up a bat. So. Yeah. Five eighty years old. So they were going to be the managers who was Alan Trammell who just got into the hall of fame. He was there. Ricky Henderson Wade Boggs Jose Canseco, and I was supposed to be in a homerun derby against Jose Canseco. Wade Boggs they got it got rained out. Jose Canseco was on the football field warming up for this in the rain. Wow. So you've got to be a little bit of a. He can still hit. I guess. I didn't get a chance to see him hit. But I did him a chance to drink. Doc in definitely do that. I've never I mean, if you go on YouTube, or whatever he's doing an interview he drank one hundred seven beaters one day. One day in one day. Sunday before I left Monday injury sixty. Wow. Like how long day to day? I mean started like, eight o'clock this more. Well, they say you can't drink all day. And let's you start in the morning. And how was Ricky Henderson. Yeah. He's a character. Everything was third person with him. Rickie feel like playing today. Anyway. No. I was a great guys are is this myth was there. Jump is a little something. I don't think I I don't think he can do the flip. Nah. Yeah. He's a little put a little weight. It might not make it all away all the way. We'll put a little weight on. I do. Yeah. That's great. That is nice. And where? Where do you fly into and you go to Dubuque? We flew into Moline, of course. Yeah. Yeah. Moline? Yeah. So where's that? Then wisconsin. Illinois, illinois. About forty five minutes. We were an hour. Yeah. What else you've been doing because we haven't seen in months? No, you probably have another former presidents you've probably been hanging with. No. I haven't been I haven't even day, you know, therm just just kind of finish up baseball travel season that went all over with. A lot Atlanta was the team. What was in team who? Or what team was he planning called academy starts now. Little Thurman squad. Okay. Denise. Yes. Z Z starting to think about what are you going to do afro? Yeah. Basically won't play baseball. I know that he wants to go somewhere. Now is he getting looked at as a scholarship is actually, you know, they they start the recruiting process September. I changed it now. So he just started. He just started from Niagara university, right, obviously. Oklahoma state Harvard University up in Connecticut. So yeah. Could he play professionally baseball? I don't you know what? We haven't really talked about that yet. You know, he basically wants to go to college. Yeah. I think I read a some survey where you know, there are now taking more college kids now New York is coming straight out of high school there. Yeah. They kind of letting them go say, no we want. You know, we go to college and Dugas do have an opportunity to draft you. I mean, but some of these kids, you know, they get drafted a six seven around people throw five hundred thousand dollars outta they're gone right away. Single-a double eight or five or six years. You know, you don't, you know, you're you're hanging with grown men that have been there for ten years, traveling go to college man, it's a whole different story. You get to better experience the better experience. Yes, hard did you ever go to a game? I do try to go once a year like in Batavia or one of these singularly short season, New York's Newark Penn league, I think it's still is. Yep. And it's an eye opener. I mean, it's hard. It is guys are playing every day every day in the summer every day. It's a little short schedule. But if you get out of there and get the major league baseball you have earned it. You have definitely earned it. And it's not one of those deals where like I talked to Ken Griffey junior. All the time. I mean. Yeah, he was the number one pick. But he was in a minus for two months. That's rare very rare. Yeah. That's almost like not going to the minors. But camp Ricky Henderson, Ricky Henderson, a minus for two and a half years. Yeah. That's that's hard. He's all time leading based in in major league baseball. So been bought for two and a half years. Same with Barry Larkin same thing. You know, you're down in those miners for a number of years, man. And it's a grant writing buses. Yeah. All right. Can we stop talking about baseball? I'm glad you didn't ask me about the Yankees. So what has been up, but you guys, you know, nothing we're doing this thing. This thing every day. It's good back. No, right. Next time on next. CBS? I didn't set him up. It was last Monday Tuesday. What four or five eight six April twenty third. I think it's been three weeks. I've been here for five days all five fifteen weeks. I spent whatever it's been I've been here for like four days that goes over. Well, I thought Chris Brown with doing the show. Yeah. Have you thought about the bills this year? You can watch much preseason. Not at all. Really? No, thanks for coming by. All I know. Is Nate Peterman starting quarterback? That's all I know. Yeah. You might be better off. But I didn't want to ask you, you know, I know, you know, about a Levy on bell holding now. Yeah. Fourteen and a half million dollars. He's kind of pushing away saying he thinks you know, what I mean. Yeah. But he's in a tight spot because here's the here's let me just give you both sides of the coin because for people who are listening. He is gonna make fourteen point five he goes in this year. So last year they can actually do franchise franchise. So he'll be a free agent at the end of the year, if they don't get a long term deal if he goes in and plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They're gonna use him up. What are you gonna run them down? They're going to run like four hundred touches. Right. So he's going to get another year like that right in and then he comes as a free agent after that teams to be like, I don't know, man. That's like eight hundred touches in in eighteen months. They might not. You know that may hurt his ability to get a big deal after that. Now is the money out there for him to say goodbye to fourteen point five have a good year. And then come back and make up for it in a bigger deal. After that. I don't think I don't think I don't think he can make up that fourteen million. I. There's no way I think he can make up their fourteen million. But you know, there's news that you know. He might not come into the tenth week which is allowed to do. Right. Still get his year of year and still become a free agent. Right. The personally, I think the franchise tech stinks. Yeah. I think especially at that position. Yeah. I just think all alone term contracts that you if you're a first round draft pick. I mean, you have you had four five years first round draft picks. I think at that position. It should be two or three years short enough for that position. Right. Because you know, they always talk about oh that position can't be replaced. It's hard to replace Levy on bell. I don't care. What you say? Right. So yeah, I agree with you because it becomes a. Question of longevity and the ability to play for a long period of time. If you get a running back like that, you know, it's it's rare guy gets to your level in the obviously where you're in hall, but into your level of experience to Adrian Peterson's level of experience to Al Frank Gore's level of experience. Absolutely. He's still a handful. There's less than a handful and these guys come in and have a sign a five year deal before they can even reach free agency. I think on the other hand though, the league state, listen, he's still making as much as almost every other running back in the league. So what's the problem, you want that long term contract though, you want that one early just got one I know why? Because when when Todd Gurley shows up and takes his foot off the gas because he's already got his money. Nobody else is going to be able to sign a big deal. Like that. You know what I mean? Yeah. You know, because some of these guys some of the guys in the last year or two hear playing other positions like d. Offensive line. They take their football. They put it out of gear and these coast. Yeah. See the Rizzo. Alexander still getting days off..

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