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And i'm not saying that there's not a place for some piece talking but going into footy club and suggesting that they going to be streit lice and cooling you by your birth certificate. Nine might suggest you join me. I calling you a nine. Because we all we know he might have been an absolute buddy he monitored on a skit we we don t why that nickname is about and if he's raw has come from racist connotation someone public needs to to be educated but i would have thought honestly. I would have thought in the tom that that That he was at the club and he wasn't. They'd just for five minutes there for few years or would have thought that he'd have opportunity indigenous rounds and other opportunities to stand up and say hi gauze when editor alarm sandy. This is deeply disrespectful. It hurts me to be called these all the time and you know what if we continue it. You'll elect you know it's not a junk but jay when you starting him to drop legal action and of course we know now that he lives in the states and well we've just seeing the black lives matter unfold last year and and everything else i ought also to their folks within the community that will will jump and scream about anything and not convinced on not convinced. Because i'm not in inner sanctum. I haven't seen it but when he the calling would support is a racist. Well bullshit on my wife. My daughter collingwood's for mud dad's at collingwood support. It might isis people and so again a bit like you. That's a big brush in you trying to make something out of it entire. Everyone and i don't think that's fair either. Rice out there. That god for calling the playoff there. They also some that guy who fitzroy bulldogs in bloody brisbane. So i think it was necessarily aimed at the fans. I think it was saying at the club. there is a culture of that stuff not being called out and and to take your point if you had had raised the issue. I think he took malices effect that no one else raised it on his behalf. You know if you're the president of the club when he apply of referred to as chip. You probably should be calling sign. Amboise that could be Might not be appropriate around here. And you know we're in the high public profile we should be leading by example etc etc and yet clearly that went on for years and it wasn't addressed so he's not an issue in itself at a cultural level of the issue or have age. It is that has to be bought. Somebody hell on earth. Do you not offended by something off. Never let you know that so saying that. I think that you should support me without actually knowing what i think is a body fitch. Don't you reckon. Well yes spot. I mean let's not forget what happened with that includes iran a similar time in fact it was off to the atom goods incident and that was on the basis of being cold. I think for memory where he took offense. And i think it was actually eddie mcguire..

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