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Witness tampering political reports the federal judge Amy Berman Jackson issued the order after prosecutors abruptly quit the case last week and the US justice department abruptly lowered the recommendation and wanted for a prison sentence for Roger stone the United States has launched its mission to begin evacuating citizens have been struck on board the cruise ship in a quarantine brought about by the corona virus more from ABC news correspondent Maggie rule is now arriving at the port that Japan's self defense forces prepare to disembark hundreds of quarantine American passengers from the diamond princess before their flown back to the U. S. on state department chartered planes members of the defense force could be seen walking past the trouble ship the roughly four hundred Americans on board have already been in quarantine for twelve days back in the states the clock restart with another fourteen days in isolation on US military bases the CDC first screening all Americans for the virus anyone with signs of covert nineteen will not be allowed to board planes back to the U. S. will join the other Americans currently getting treatment in hospitals on short for many this evacuation cannot come soon enough as of today another seventy passengers on board tested positive for the virus bringing the total number to three hundred and fifty five by far the largest cluster of covert nineteen outside of China but some like Matthew Smith of Sacramento state he would rather take his chances on the boat we were confident in the in the quarantine that the Japanese officials have established and are following through on we were upset that the U. S. plans involve breaking this quarantine the US government says Americans like Matt who choose to stay behind will not be allowed back in the U. S. until March fourth at the earliest as the US tries to prevent an outbreak like China with protective gear in short supply around the globe ABC news got an exclusive look inside this three M. factory in South Dakota where employees are working overtime some US hospitals are already rationing masks the CDC says they're working with US manufacturers to help meet the global demand Wallace during an adequate supply here at home in case of a widespread outbreak people with flu like symptoms.

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