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Like I just want to be there at the fucking like seat Peter's gates or whatever, where we all tabulate and go like, yeah, you know what every time you fucking like like like didn't buy popcorn when you were in line and you've made your date by like you didn't meet you poorer like you didn't like like this, like your your laundromat, putting that label on the machine and then making this hubcap keys didn't get rich from doing any of this shit. Like I want. She was like, okay, I'll turn it up. And then what I saw she was slowly turning it off slowly and I went, okay, and I roll down my window and then she turns around and goes, what's going on? Did we want a c. or fresh air. Eight hundred on do you shouldn't open the window in the season. That's an insane person thing to do. It's not cold enough. It's actually a smart, maybe use your mouth than like request things like a human when somebody says, hey, do you want a see? And I go, yes. And you slowly turn it on what she was. She hold. She gets too cold. Also say that people who drive to Newburgh, don't make them go. They don't make them little AC's. That That might. helps them pay the rent and. The car that you sweater say. You can't wear slow summer in wreck, take to run to hop it through the day. How much fucking money do you save by? Not using a c, not the spreadsheet of it. That's what I'm saying. I want to see everyone. Town through town. You actually do spend a lot of money on is it's thirty dollars a week, but what is it highway? It doesn't make a bit of how How about about you. you. Is it four dollars a month? Like a human being? Yeah, you you're like a human. Most of your complaint is I shouldn't have to ask for a c.. Yes, yell, ask for it. I never. I shouldn't have to ask for a see on the hottest summer in the history of the world, but it's not a problem when you have a mouth you can use and you. Yes, it is a problem. No, it's not. Yes, it is. It is a problem. It's just a thing that happens problem. I would you get in the car. It's too hot inside Camille and get naked. Okay. She goes, don't forget my five stars. Let's bring Steve AG. Everybody's Steve. Day. In you. I was back stage texting, rob links to remote control toilets. Going to save my territorial.

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