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Ago. I think he liked it up today in Atlanta missing Dion John kneel at safety data's hurt them defensively offensively. They get devante Freeman back, which is going to be a big thing for them not only in running game. But also in catching the ball out of the backfield. He creates a matchup problem, but you still ashamed though, they only have one way with all this talent on offense. You have Jones's the new and now ridley's come in with six touchdown rookie. I mean, really may have all that talent on the other side of the ball of your Pittsburgh on your Ben. And you've got an Tonio Brown is are we talking about? I'm not catching the ball enough. If Matt Ryan is making great connection with his receivers Tonio Brown's gonna be looking at Ben like it's competitive here. I need to do what they're doing. Throw me the ball. Before we move on. We'll talk about the big game in the AFC. You got Jacksonville with the number one defense against Kansas City. Who's got the number one scoring offense led by Patrick Mahomes today. Yeah. This offense is dynamic led by Patrick homes. This defense athleticism speed talented every level. This is by far. I think is greatest challenge to date Mahomes and interesting guy, and it's early in his second year is not a gimmick. He's not a guy that defenses is going to be able to figure out. He's there for the long haul. He's the real deal. I think he's a combination of far Rogers, and you see some Russell Wilson's. Hey. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You don't want me up there in a while. But yeah, yeah. I think he's been he's great. He's going to be great for a long time. You look like you're waiting to say some was it Patrick Holmes related to Patrick Mahomes. My home. Okay. Mom, folks, we're five and these guys are getting punchy up here with one another apparently. But also players who got four game suspension to start the season back on the field. So Jake laser J Carey all just get along. Hey, jay. We've I talked about this in our freedom show on Thursday night football. Some of the names that are coming back this week. Look the same. They get Mark Ingram backing suspension. Sean Payton told me this morning. He's back to his normal workload. He's going to be the starter. And the allows them to take some of the load off of Alvin Kamara David Irving the Cowboys were hoping to have him back. He's still dealing with some personal issues. So he's still not back with the team volunteers perfect. Marvin Lewis told me last night he's gonna play he's gonna start. But they're gonna put him on somewhat of a pitch count Jimmy Smith. He returns to the rich get richer for the Baltimore Ravens. He'll be part of a rotation Cora legion. He returns to the charges. They need him because the injury to both and everybody thought Thomas Davis was coming back. He's been suspended for games. The NFL changed the rule from four weeks to four games. Carolina panthers. Had by one more week until Thomas Davis returns to the Panthers. All right. We'll hear more from Jay later, plus charissa Thompson was it down with Russell Wilson. Our before we go to break. A sad note on our part or longtime lighting director Kirk. Witherspoon affectionately known around these parts Spooner passed away on Friday after a long battle with diabetes and cancer. He was an integral part of this show in help create the look of Fox Sports our condolences and love go out to spooners family and friends and our entire crew right here. Okay. Ben maller here. This is a thirty second commercial. And I'm going to throw a lot of numbers at you..

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