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From ABC news, John Chuck Stevenson misinterpreted as President Trump wrapped a second nuclear summit with North Korea. He said this about the death of college student auto warm beer yesterday. The warmbier family, very well. I think they're an incredible family. What happened is horrible. I really believe something very bad happen to him. And I don't think that the top leadership about it. President Trump now tweets that his comments are being misinterpreted. And of course, he holds North Korea responsible for warm. Beers death Paul manafort's defense team is asking a Virginia judge for leniency ahead of his sentencing next week probation officials have calculated a range of nineteen to twenty four years. But his lawyers say that's disproportionate for the financial crimes. The vice president rallies Republicans around a border wall at the conservative political action conference vice president Pence called on Republicans that don't support the president's national emergency declaration to get on board. Stop playing politics with the security of the American people and stand with President Trump for a stronger and safer America. It's unclear when the Senate will vote on a resolution to terminate the declaration already passed in the house. But if one should pass President Trump has said that he would use the first veto of his presidency for its reinstatement. Adam Kelsey, ABC news national harbor, Maryland. The NTSB says it has recovered. The cockpit voice recorder of the downed atlas cargo jet off the coast of Texas, retired marine pilot and ABC news aviation experts. Steve gathered on what happens now the next steps. Are the FAA will take this? Cockpit voice recorder analyze it. They have many channels in many ways to get different information from different parts of the cockpit. Figure out who was talking. What was going on at the point that jet lost control lights data recorder has not been recovered Oakland. Teachers have agreed to end the strike after reaching a deal with district. Officials. Wall Street's indexes ended higher the Dow up one hundred ten the NASDAQ grew by sixty three you're listening to ABC news..

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