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With zeki. We got some news. Take your plan a little pepper here. Got some injuries installed Saw this did not like this understood it and took away. I'm not really concerned jack. Flirty down left the game. After two plus innings on tuesday got hit around a little bit gave up a home or two. I think She'll comes out and the reason the reason i'm not totally concerned with this year is because he spent a lot of time on the shelf earlier in the year with an oblique string so he's not moving around much. He's not throwing much okay. What i understand is the front of the shoulder is where the soreness was or the tenderness was so i instantly just think bicep tendonitis which is just some tendons. That are a little pissed off because they haven't been worked as much as he's going to be working right now so it's kind of getting those things back fired up and they can be a little cranky when that happens. So that's where i'm going with this. And what this means and blah blah blah blah blah so the mri mostly negative. No major structural damage Those are all good things. Little trigger words structural damage blah blah blah. So it's just really not trying to turn this into anything bigger than what it looks like it could be like. I'm just glad that there was nothing major in the pictures because this sucks this sucks. The cardinals and jack flaherty need a healthy turn. I was Disappointed to see it because Super excited when he came back. He made what this was his third time through. Is i start. Back was very excited to see him back And hopefully he's back soon because now it's the show now we're talking about a different injury. This is not a reentry. This is a new injury so awfully. We see him back soon. We stick to the cardinals though. Yeah yati signed up one more campaign ten mil piece. Juicio pedro said on mlb network. Now what did he say just said. Hey while i've got you yati now's not the time like don't don't don't put it in stone. Don't put it in stone. you're good you feel good. You're helping the club. You're impacting the team. So don't don't put a limit on man that's kind of what pedro's message was and it's tough because i'm gonna tell you straight up yachties already got one foot out the door. When you're thinking about this yeah and what next year looks like i have no idea. I as far as performance production goes if he's out there. There's no questioning what he means to the pitching staff.

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