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We are back on unapologetic and case. You're just now teeny and we're covering the biggest stories of twenty nineteen gene and Rachana. I'm GonNa let you right back into it. So what do you have against. Jackson was inducted into the WACKO. Girl Hall of by twenty dating. Yes In one of my stories honorable mention but this is my story now. Twenty nineteen I scan rolls over criminal conspiracy to influence undergraduate commission decision as several top American universities then investigation into the conspiracy was nicknamed Operation Varsity Blues Investigation and related. Charges were made public public on March twelfth. Twenty nineteen by United States federal prosecutors. At least fifty one people are less to have been a part of the conspiracy a number. Some of whom have paid guilt played. I'm sorry guilty or agreed to plead guilty to the key to the charges. I can read thirty. The parents of college applicants are accused of Pam. More than twenty five million dollars with twenty years of twenty eleven and twenty eighteen to William Rick Singer organizer of this game he used the part of the Monitor. Fraudulently inflate interest exam test scores and bribe college officials. Do you remember this as you do. Because one of the people who were actually involved in this scandal was Laurie Lackland Lackland. Dr Laura Likely News. I'm Becky Becky from four and full House. Oh my God is. He says that luckily and her husband were among the fifty individuals charged by the FBI and the US Attorney's Office on March twelve twenty nineteen and a large scale. Nationwide college entrance exam cheating scandal. Then Damon Keith. The couple allege that they paid five hundred thousand dollars disguised as a donation nations to the key worldwide foundation in order that the University of Southern California's admission committee will to believe that their two daughters would be joining the woman the school's Women's rowing team. If admitted whether emphatic me the young woman had ever try and the sport or had any plans to do so or not. About Illicit Hoffman. Oh she was another one gas. Well thank you stacey down gains. NFL literally helped me here. She made sure everybody was covered. Yes you with another one who who were involved in this and this what to me I it. It kinda was a slap in the face. Because it's Kinda like these privileged women and these are women who had the money I had the ways in the means it clearly. You did to get in there the right way but you chose does this way so it was like a slap in face to me like I was so hurt because it's unpackaged first off. Let's dot days of four house everywhere everywhere you go. There's a place bitch over here scheming and I'm calling him calling like again this. This is the year that if he was a celebrity. You had to walk a fine line because the main mama steak lost it all goes after this. She kinda lost her endorsement. The hallmark late for awhile autumn hallmark Christmas movies they. She was kind of a face and I didn't gave the DJ is Wasn't a camera Tanja Cameron. I've seen and I'm begging left off. So and then they got rid of her for the house so she's not back with that and then not I think she's still fiber felicity. She went ahead and just said hey you know it is what it is I did. She served Paid off line. And I'm becky. She liked hail. Now I do not so what you got all right well. This was a really big scandal. Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson so in in late two thousand eighteen there was scandal because remember Christon was cheating on Khloe allegedly with photos and video photos and videos is alleged at this point. You know he he can say that was lesson we. He was cheating on Khloe and Kobe was pregnant so he already had this cheating scandal out there but but then he got really hot when he was accused of cheating again. But this time with khloe sister's best friend Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordan Woods Woods and then of course he tried to dismiss it as it was fake news. He put out a tweet like off fake news but it turned out to be true because Jordan herself uh-huh admitted to kissing him. She says it was just a kiss. You know it was just an innocent kiss. You know more more nothing less but people that saw them because they were at a party together claim that they were all over each other in that Jordan spent the night now. She sang hang that she did spend the night but she didn't spend the night with tristen but she spent the night in code up way on the question of my head to question them. Now see if that sounds like. That's not remember when President Clinton Mother Show my age when they called him out for smoking. We what he say he's how we believe. That sounds stupid then so you asked me tonight. Okay that's basically what we're GONNA we're gonNA tell her to say okay. That's what you want us to believe. We'll believe weekdays here so that was a really big scandal because you know this was Kylie Jenner's best friend Kylie Kinda put her best friend on you know Jordan Woods was kind kind of you know like the new Kim Kardashian. Now let me explain what I mean by that. Remember how Kim Kardashian was Perez. Hilton's like really cool. Aw Newbie F F and was like on the scene. She kind of became the it girl from being Paris Hilton's BFF. I feel Jordan. Wolves was like kind of on this same. You no train you know like okay and then this happened in his life Jordan girl. You kinda messed up that bag a little bit. You fumbled that a little a bit so then it was released this year. They're highly Jenner is a billionaire. She's worth a billion dollars. It's like girl you be AETNA's a billionaire like you fumbled the bag messing around with her sister's boyfriend who you know is not the most trustworthy. Do you mess around with somebody. That's cheating. Eaten his pregnant girlfriend anyway. I guess she had to do was be a black chow. Who is going into the store with their mom? which among until you every time you went to go down touch there you go? That's all she had to do. And you enjoy your black. You should know better now mom and tells you to go up people house and don't you put your hand on so you've done us doing all right so we only got three minutes left. So what are we going to do is. We're going to run through a few of our faith stories of twenty nineteen before we close out what he got. Okay this is a funny one area fifty one it was rated by three thousand people back in September yet. I remember that Stacey. She's looking at me like win. L. A. You're talking talking about but no it was like this big campaign for a lot of people to get together to rakers for folks who don't know air fifty one as bad reported for ye yeary a year away before we even remembering that. Allegedly they have you know alien you know skeletons and corpses and that's all UFO. You Know Paraphernalia Paraphernalia. That the government is trying to say is not true. That's where that all is and people wanted to read it just to see you know what the hell is back there so like it was like five arrest I showed up. I don't think I it didn't go over as bad as it did is it was just a fun story. Yeah all right. Well I'm just GONNA run through really fast. That's just some of my favorites and they were going to get out of here. So the Kevin Hart accident He was involved in a really bad accident in Los Angeles in which he had a really bad back injury and ended up having to have a back surgery for several us. Bairo spinal fractures. So that was a big story. He's made a Recovery he seems to be doing really well. He's back to work. So that was a huge story. Kevin in Wendy Williams divorce Kevin Hunter allegedly had a baby outside of his marriage with another woman which caused Wendy to file for divorce. I'm just saying that all alleged. No one has confirmed the. It's no wonder you said it but okay so that was a big deal. Nikki Manashe has gotten married. She announced on August twenty first that she and her boo Kennett Zoo Zu petty have actually tied the knot allegedly retired Also real housewives of New Jersey. Joe Jude is actually finished his three your prison term and he was immediately sent to an immigration and Customs Enforcement Facility where he's trying to fight deportation The Royal Oh baby was born. Prince Harry and Dutch is Meghan welcomed their baby into the world the little Prince Luke. Perry passed away this year as as well and last but not least for me Jeopardy host Alex Trebek's announced that he has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. He still fighting still doing jeopardy pretty so he's still in. The boss appears to all those who lost their lives to the mass shootings. That happened in twenty one thousand nine. This year we had over three hundred eighty eighty so far and over four hundred people have lost their lives so special prayers for those who've lost their lives lost. Someone do that all right. Well we are out of here. Thank you you for joining us on our last. Show up twenty nine. I want to thank US special listeners. Robert Morita and this shine. Thanks so much for tuning and love. y'All all right. We'll we'll see you won't listen to you. You know talk to twenty Christmas happy New Year all that good stuff out of here..

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