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Just because things get twisted up so much there's so much hostility and it's really just not a productive arena to have anything quality come out of that exchange. So that's the first thing. You don't have to respond. You don't have to be friends. Unfriend them, but you don't have to respond either and sometimes just the choice to not engage. That's really exercising our own personal agency. We don't have to be involved in everything. We don't have to watch. We don't have to listen. If something isn't sitting right in our in our core, we don't have to agree with it. And we don't have to engage with it. Okay. So just ignore just put the mute button on and just nothing here, just keep going, keep moving on with your day. And DJ, how about just throughout the year? Like I said earlier, everybody kind of starts off new year's with a bang, they're kind of fired up. They've got these resolutions in place, but as the months roll by, it's easier to lose focus. So what kind of tips can you offer for just staying positive and keeping that right frame of mind throughout the whole year? Yeah, great question. That's the big challenge, isn't it? I mean, every time new year's rolls around, you know, we get these great ideas about how we want this year to be our best year yet. We want to be the best version of ourselves. We want to make improvements. And the thing that I found over the years is, you know, I've always heard these great conversations about resolutions. And some of them are so extreme that you just know that's not going to be sustainable. And we want to create things that are sustainable. Where we can take one step every day in the direction that we're choosing, not try to make that big leap in one day. Do everything in a day or a week. I had a guy a few years ago. He said, yeah, I got this. I got this new diet. I'm going to lose that last 15 pounds. I've been trying to lose. I got a new diet. I'm going to eat lettuce and oranges. And that was it. That was the whole list. That's going to last. Two to three hours before they go back to the way it was. And so a big part of it is setting realistic goals. Doesn't mean small goals. It means realistic in the fact that you're willing to set up timelines. You're willing to do the work. You really are willing to take those small steps every day. So that you can make it sustainable. Be impatient. Patient with yourself. This is one of the things I know you were talking about with James as well. On the resolutions is be patient and know that there's going to be ups and downs in the journey. That's just part of the process. You're going to have setbacks. You're going to have moments of doubt. But be patient. When people are trying to go back and get in the shape, I did this a few years ago with one of my friends. I wanted to hit the gym. And I said, okay, well, let's go. And I'm usually in there for 45 minutes max and I'm out. And we're in there for over an hour and a half. And he's like working out. And he's like, I'm back. I'm back. You know, the next morning you can't get out of bed. He's like, my back, my back. It was life as mad at me. He's trying to be Superman in one day. And it's like it's the small things that we do consistently over time. That have the biggest impact in our development and in our contribution. It's not that knockout punch that lightning strike. I know we watched that so much on media. That's going to be that one thing that changes everything. It's the opposite. Yeah, exactly. In my experience, it's like what Peter was talking about. This is a journey. This is a long journey and it's not an emergency and if you are heading the right direction, you can want from wherever you are in the country to Miami, Florida. You're not going to get there tomorrow. You're not going to get there next week. But if you're heading right direction, you'll get there eventually. And that's what we're talking about that patient style. And then the other thing is being underachiever. You know, don't try to come up with 28 different goals for the year. Come up with a handful that you're really passionate about that you're really committed to that you really feel not just in your head, but in your gut, that this is the right move for you this year. Less is more. We're listening to. Eagle bear Venice. He's a motivational storyteller. We also have James Anderson. Also a motivational speaker on the show today. And of course, feed a new breast, AKA anti Priscilla from season two of reservation dogs. We come back from the break. I want to talk with anti Priscilla a theater new breast a little bit about reservation dogs, and maybe there's some insights there for how to have a great. Are you a Native American healthcare provider, recovery counselor, social worker, domestic and sexual abuse advocate or traditional healer working in Native American communities? Doctor ruby Gibson will begin a 6 month advanced immersion in healing historical trauma. This online masterclass looks through the lens of a 7 generational recovery approach to provide powerful, proven modalities and is offered tuition free to tribal members, registration deadline is march 24th, 2023, info at freedom lodge dot org, who support this show. This is native America calling. I'm Sean spruce. We're speaking with experts on how to prevent divisions and make healthier choices in the new year, still time if you'd like to share some strategies and better choices you want to make. Join our conversation by calling one 809 9 native, our phone lines are open now, so go ahead, give us a call. We'd love to hear from some listeners on the show today. And let's go back to our first guest theta new breast AKA anti Priscilla from reservation dogs. And I want to ask you if you could do us a favor, just get into character if you will for a moment. And anti Priscilla, what do you think her advice would be to help listeners start 2023 off with a positive momentum? Okay, this is anti Priscilla. We want you to get up off the couch. We want you to turn off the TV. We want you to put down your phone and we want you to start moving out into the real world. The good thing about the blood quantum of reservation dogs is everyone's native. I was anti Priscilla get to wear her own clothes, speak her own language, her chauffeur was a native, her, she got to go first class, and when I got there, there was Indian food indigenous food. So anti Priscilla's advice is the positive productive and proactive. So when you're on social media, just say, God, you're brilliant. Oh, you're worthy. Oh, I love your opinions. Oh gosh, you're just stunning. You're just majestic. Just put that on social media. Don't do the other stuff positive, productive, and proactive. And then anti Priscilla doesn't have to pay you a visit. Oh, there we go. We don't want that to happen for sure. I like to the three ps, be positive, productive, and proactive. Otherwise, anti Priscilla might come knocking on your door and you don't want that happening. Sure. Yeah. James. You know, when you're anti walks in the room, just your anti walks in the room and you sit up straight. Just remember your antis there all the time, sit up straight and do the right thing. Yeah, yeah. No, it's on at that point. When she comes knocking, yeah, for sure. Let me ask James Anderson our other guest in James, I want to ask you because you are in addition to being a motivational speaker and a trainer, you're also a very, very successful business person you come from a successful business family and what have you learned through the restaurant, business overall these years. In terms of what we're talking about today, being positive, also like conflict resolution because workplace is so much of the divisiveness that we come across can

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