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He's on the rise. There are people who are going to look around the nfl and look at russell. Wilson and say is russell wilson on the rise or she plateaued and maybe on his way down last year they might think that over the long term. Which is why i understand. There will be plenty of. Gm's that would take josh allen for the next four or whatever the number is i'm just talking for right now this year. If you hit the plateau could be the next year down from where you were last year and josh allen could be the next step up from what he was last year. That's the reason why you choose it. I'm bigger stronger. Faster more elusive more of a difference maker with his legs. Red zone absolute threat monster of what he can do to extend. Still part of being a quarterback right. Don't be good at that. He's not very good at that. He's okay is it approved. But he's not very good at that. I'm sorry i don't buy that. I don't buy there's more than a couple because there's a couple of dolts in every every group but i don't i don't. I don't believe that that would be as i just don't i don't i don't know how to judge this offense do you. What offhand i know how do i even judge what i'm seeing out there. I'm supposed to find out whether or not there's a short passing game and a quick game. And how do i even judge it do can you can. This has been may have vanilla. Ice is out there. Like mac or a new lyric about this offense. This has been so vanilla. This terrible in and i feel a little bit bad for magoo because there's just there's nothing to it in and obviously he was disastrous and turn it over and accurate and everything else but yeah this is. This has been a the impossible to gauge. Maybe that's exactly what pete carroll's wanted good goods can be a brutal division super super difficult. And i don't wanna show one card. I don't want them to see and get any field. I don't want to indianapolis and they're good defense to have anything to plan for. What's coming at him either. Tempa wise scheme wise play wise movement wise play action is screen wise jet sweep wise move the pocket wa. I don't want them to have anything to evaluate until we throw it all out on week. One and indy. I hope so. Because i i really don't understand like i. It's hard for me to even see what this is going to look like. And and obviously. I love shane waldron. I mean he's being brethren. So i will back him until the day. I mean you've been out of practice a little bit and i know you can't speak what you see. This can't tell enough at practice to really no. I don't think you can tell enough at practice to really know what's going on. You got to see it in the game and honestly for my eyes brock. I need to see it on on tv right. That of gives me like it. Then i can compare it to all the my years of watch trump except for me. I'm sure for you. You can sit there and practice because you were there for so many years and pick out. What's happening. I need sort of tv angle contrast. Because now i can now. It looks like what i've seen my whole life. Yes but i'm finding it very challenging to determine exactly what's going on that will be very much on the record and we'll have what another week or two before the actual first game. But i will be very much on the record that this is not going to be seamless that this is not going to be an easy transition that you don't snap your fingers just like tom. Brady with bruce arians and a new system in a new language last year took really until the home stretch of the season the playoffs to find their footing. This is not going to be a seamless. Easy transition with no reps. No live reps with pieces. Moving in and out with dwayne not a part of it. There's going to be some some bumps in the road not going to be catastrophes. Not going to be disastrous. Russell makes up for a lot of ills. But there's going to be a learning curve for all of them to have to to sprint up and climb was just blue eighty-eight rugged salts blue eight we take you to the field this rock or breaks down three football questions as only he can. Now here's your host brought. Mike saw geno atkins name coming up. This week brock. A name that we've kind of tossed around in the past. Obviously in his in his career has been one of the better interior. Pass rushers as a defensive lineman cincinnati. Why why gino athens and you think it will happen. Yeah because you could never have enough right. It was last week. I think we talked about the jamal deal. And then like after we got done taping moments later. Jamal get signed so maybe this time the same way we talk about gino and this deal gets done because you can never have enough defensive line especially in your division with who you are going to face in order to to make the run you wanna make. Even though you did a year ago at won the division still fell short. Didn't get to where you wanted to get to This year's going to even tougher. The rams are gonna be better more competent. And i think more talented at quarterback the cardinals. There's no question of upgraded going for it A year that their gm and head coach to win. Carla murray year. Three scott take a significant step in san francisco has got their horses back so in order to win this division. You need a depth you. Her curt menefee talked about earlier. You need seven. Eight nine defensive lineman the can rotate in their disruptive interior people. there is no jarran reed I think this is also. Maybe a little reflective on kerry hyder. A movie made this off season say. Yep he's good but we need even more and gino atkins can pass his physical which is a big part of this. This is why he's available. He had off season surgery. You're getting a good lookie loo. I think more than likely. Gino called kerr dunlap and said what do you think man and i think carlos said what do i think. I think this place is amazing in. Even when they didn't sign me back. Initially i got to test the market. I still want to come back here. Yeah this place you want to end your career. As far as depth. Goes nick that this roster could definitely need to him. One injury has to be a part of to that. That was a guy that early in the in. Preseason you're going on and maybe there's something there to Isla you atkins off season surgery. I liked it. it was shoulder right. It wasn't leg right now. The battle mean those legs. Rotator cuff was the off season surgery. So i'm not saying that's nothing obviously coming back like he's not pitcher. He uses his legs. Probably more than anything else i i. I've encouraged by that and kinda it'd be pretty excited. I guess about the name gino atkins. We'll see what he's still got left question number two..

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