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Murrow Award for Best news Coming up a gubernatorial Gaff says something bad into the States Fire Zone. I'm Brian Calvin, with the gift that keeps on giving pest Just 7 30 General William Barr is being criticized for comments. He made it Hillsdale College in Michigan Wednesday about Corona virus lockdowns, putting a national lock. Down. Stay at home orders is like house arrest. It's it's It's you know, other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history, Congress and Jim Clyburn told CNN. Those comments were quote the most ridiculous tone deaf God awful things I've ever heard. 860,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits last week, the 26th week in a row of record unemployment levels. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is the CDC director Robert Redfield is not close to the Cova 19 vaccine process That's continued push back to Redfield. Sworn testimony Wednesday be the second or third quarter of next year before vaccine was widely available. Roads are flooded in Georgia, and trees are down his tropical depression. Sally continues to move across the region, dumping rain. Brian Clark ABC News News 1000 FM 97 77 31 Right now, Good morning, Greg Hershel to manufacture here. It's the co Mo Morning news and in downtown Seattle, Still very smoky, and it's 63 degrees. Well, here are the top stories from the Coma. 24 7 News Center, the Department of Ecology reports. The hazardous air we've been suffering for the last couple of weeks in Washington is unprecedented. We have smoky air for longer periods, but it wasn't his dirty or dangerous to breathe as this stuff is in state land. Commissioner Hillary Friends says the fires and the smoky air should inspire some long overdue investments in proactive forest health. We have 2.7 million acres of force that are already dead and dying largely due to disease infected patient. Increasing drought smoking area is expected to start clearing out tonight when wet weather returns, but air quality readings are still on healthy today in the Puget Sound area on the coast, however, They're reporting good air quality. The Cold Springs fire, which has burned nearly 190,000 acres in Okanogan County, is now 70% contained. The flames spread quickly over the past 11 days because of the strong winds and low humidity. The cause of that fire is still not known in Oregon, less than a week after President Trump approved the federal Emergency Declaration for that state. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Cesar has now declared a public health emergency due to the wildfires in the hazardous air. The wild fires have burned more than a million acres in Oregon and much like Washington. That state has also been dealing with unhealthy air quality. Some homeless advocates admit they circulated Ah hoax letter on Social Media Claiming the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Seattle was offering free rooms to the homeless to escape the wildfire smoke. The organizer staged a sit in to make their point there 12,000 homeless people in the city of Seattle, But there is the only an 80 bed shelter that is open that is also not friendly toe LGBTQ members of the community high it released a statement saying quote were outraged that an anonymous group issued a fake press release that misled and tried to lure many of Seattle's Most vulnerable individuals to expect hotel accommodations. What was supposed to be a gift to cruise in the wildfire zone has not brought an apology from Governor Jay Inslee, as we learned from Com os Brian Calvert. When Governor Insley visited fire ravaged areas in Douglas County, he brought some apples with him. The gifts of honey crisps came from the trees at the governor's mansion. The idea was to offer a gift those affected by the fire, but his recipients opened up the apple boxes they discovered Apple maggots. Maggots have been a problem in the Pacific Northwest since 1979 so much so that a fruit quarantine area that includes Thurston County was created, meaning no fruit should be transported out of the area. The governor obviously embarrassed issued this statement. Last week. Trudy and I wanted to express comfort for the community's suffering from devastating fires. When I visited some of these areas, I took some apples we picked from our tree in Olympia. We regret the mistake. This is a good reminder of the importance of awareness around Apple quarantine. Ryan Calvert. Camo news Coming up on the Come all morning news. Doing away with the degrade in Seattle schools wasn't good for anyone. I'm Carleen Johnson a discussion last night to bring it back. 7.

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