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Good relationship with russia to work on issues of mutual concern but one of the points to james clapper made on his cnn interview was chances that russia's of interest interest will aligned with the us or that uh although those sort of be genuine and wanting to work with the us is limit none that russia is still essentially an adversary and we have to treat russia that way made and others within the trump administration is that james clapper they're they're they're not really part of the intelligence community guinea more their argument is that they're more pundits now and that they got it in for the current administration what liberty is there you're right i'm wondering grows than also said was he thought the whole russia uh uh investigation then sort of questions about russian interference where sort of democratic jobber cooked up by the democrats and it's clear that there's certain that political x what exactly and then brennan and clapper did work uh when you're bogged racean however these are season intelligence chiefs brennan ran the cia under obama uh clapper also work in previous administration so you can't just dismiss out of hand that uh juice folks may particularly in public uh the way they did on cnn this weekend as just sort of political hackery sure the putin may be the president but the president also does want to have a good working relationship with putin just in general and that it doesn't hurt for talk on the sidelines at at at at at at an apec conference one of the point that brennan made was that you know sure it it's it's obviously in in the best interest of the us to have a good working relationship with russia advocate and to try and work together on on issues of mutual concern but the overall point that both brennan and clapper are making exact uh you know essentially you know you can't trust russia that you know russia still looking out for the russians uh best interest when things that clapper said was the russians do do not harbour good intentions toward the united states and there shouldn't be any ambiguity about that and with uh president trump out there sort of refusing to acknowledge the interference in the election name he's posturing slammed beauty we've heard this enemy coming from mr brennan are mr clapper i'm wondering are aware of it goes from here i mean are they screaming out into the ether.

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