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For patrons covering racing documentaries and films on video games primers for other racing series a lot of weird things so if you'd like to support the show and get access to all that fun stuff head over to Patriot com slash shift or click the link in the show notes I just put a note on my islander says days of thunder and I'm very excited about that yes I it's been a it'll be fun to to take a look at the fictional side of atwater sports also I have been setting up my game capture stuff today so I'm hoping to get some of the the backlog of game history this week and another one next week there's some good stuff on that on that list that you have any we look forward to it all right so we've got Japan coming up but first let's do the news when you guys say yeah let's get into it all right rob you've been corralling our giant list of articles into something speak -able onto a podcast what should we start with serving the quick serious update something proceeding from that horrific accident in Spa Clinton life of Antoine who bear the other for WHO's involved in that incident won while Korea is just had a seventeen hour surgery and from reading about it on autosport it sounds like last time we check in on this as you might imagine had some very serious injuries himself and complications from the injuries after that accident the major concern right now seems to be his right leg and according to the autosport they were contemplating amputating the leg Korea for many reasons I'm sure like wanted to avoid that if possible so they want to this fairly involve surgery to try and see if they can both allow him to retain the lead the leg and also allowed to return to full function and He released a statement actually I think his first one of these release since the the accident and among the comments he made did say that I understand my future regarding the covering my legs specifically my right leg is still quite uncertain and the my physical Rehab extremely long and complicated so Korea is in the middle of a really tough recovery following a really brutal and heartbreaking accident and all the best to him as as we've seen comebacks from things like this are civil but they are also rare for a reason and it will be it will be tough to to achieve what what I'm sure he wants to you as a driver but right now just you know all best wishes and hopes for his recovery yeah I was somewhat sort of relieved seems like a cruel word to use but we didn't really know how body was especially when he was not induced coma and then you have those horrible memories of Zanardi and stuff fry where there are plenty of drivers who have who have had catastrophic physical damage from crashes very similar to that so yeah horrible news to hear but also glad that it's not worse and Zanardi does remind us that even even even the loss of a limb isn't necessarily a deal breaker when it comes to making a comeback as a driver as France racing fans have have seen and I'd also an Olympic medalist yeah the Alexander Olympic medalist cycling champ does seem to indicate that the man was just an absurd capacitor undermines the competitor and the correct me if I'm wrong but having isn't what's the what's the British driver's name Billy Munger yes it hasn't he started racking up pretty credible racing performances of late November I think he won a Euro formula. he's right I think that he wendy young sports personality of the year or something as well I think which is a big thing in the UK bbc sort of show that you are here keeps follow them on twitter at I keep seeing them like azure races and out awards God that the talking about the physical Rehab acquired for something like this but like the doing the thing that they feel like they were put on this earth to do you know Y- wiggins right he actually just got married recently in his whole his goal with the physical therapy was to be able to dance at his wedding and then there's a video of him doing that it's just the most Ktar warming thing he just seems like an amazing guy all around as well so yeah good luck well and glad to hear the he is I would like it was it was touching go I think from the sounds of it for a while there when he was in that car so sees out of it then on the road recovery pitting two slightly happier news at least for me so cheese days might be numbered on the list it's sort of caught my eye there is a track not far from Saint Petersburg Cora drive designed by the tilk firm Elma gods and it is it was designed from the ground up to be F. One compatible Certainly but here's the thing I was looking at the aerial photo of and I was tracing a lap around it and I was like nothing was tiny is how that's not a real race track and sure enough it be the second shortest track if they made it enough one course it would be about some bigger than Monaco Yeah exactly and it looks paid till I realize that the other track is different track yes yes uh from minute there I was like Oh hell yeah that looks fantastic and then I realized I was looking at the a karting track in a corner of the complex it's very like circuit Paul Ricard Yeah Yeah and so much Oh and listen I admire the work y'all did last week talking about and I thought it was interesting show I don't know how you guys manage that because like I find I found this so she kinda excruciating after retirement so I am I am all for any solution here that gets us to real life one facility purpose bill facility away from it so at the drivers right like Ed the funny thing about watching any of the driver interviews before so she is that whenever that inevitable question comes up at every single race course what do you think it has tracked about how for them are fading and trust some of them are just came Easter saying it's kind of boring like her kind of saying hey let's may only I five years so maybe it'll be trek rules so the thing I did notice I think it was in the story that race fans it up apparently I have this right there is sort of a ready made extension for the track that they can put on if they decide to go that direction so it's it's final layout might be slightly more F. One shaped but yeah so it could the and in a couple of years time that will rue the day I was pushing for F- wanted to go to a gory drive but for the moment I would be if somebody said like hey rub that was the last that was the last race you're gonNA wash approaching I'd have been like damn right good aren't gone into the Gora Dr it sounds it sounds like a dark souls area or something article also points out that it's much further north and so it's near to Finland so weatherwise would have to change it then because so dirty reason you could do it in Sochi is it's like because even now like Moscow has got like a gets nippy and can get quite snow laden I think around this time of year nothing wrong with that Alex no football games yeah just make the tires are inch then then we can just officially have one race a year where like the odds of someone beating Offen- with the rally experience is right and I guess Saint Petersburg is pretty far set so it's yeah I think I think it would probably be fine it's funny I don't know what this news means y'all have y'all figure this out motorsport network made announcement that they were going digital I and I think us us here games we've seen APP before it generally doesn't bode well for anyone whose primary business is putting out a magazine and print and relying on print Ad Revenue oh but nevertheless they're going to digital first option and then the weird thing I noticed is people online we're talking about that it sounds like autosport the printed ition is pretty much doomed they think this is going to be end of the line for that magazine but they did say they're doubling the price of it for their content they're going to continue making it what do you guys make of all this at the to me this is just like another you know this has been the case in print for fifteen years at this stage like anyone who falls under a certain amount of whatever it's called the circulation or whatever it just becomes like a new surrender your neck it it just weighs down it you bleed out of a basically yeah God revved dropping and circulation the way people connect to like especially in sports because it's such a fast paced news cycle the same way games is now as well everything has just gotten away like it's really difficult for for any atlas that's that's focused on print and I also get it that like you look at something like game informer maybe in the video game space that we're used to that was you know a very dot has one of the highest circulations in the world in terms of magazines I think it's the third the magazine the United States but even that they have to organizationally within their editorial team have to set up differently to work in a day today rather than a monthly so I can imagine this just being part of a look strategically we need to focus on you know notch go the way the Dodo soon enough yeah it sucks but it's yeah I'm somebody who uses their website and does not subscribed to the magazine because I wasn't that surprised yeah I'm with you it's a shame to see it go I guess it's not not a mainstay over here in the US certainly the way that it is in Europe it seems to be judging by you know people like will Buxton tweeden about it and saying those were the days but they do good work we subscribe with with your Patriot money there plus subscription and they didn't really good work and it's well worth it yeah they actually supported posted sorry a an article that for their plus subscribers about like what happens during the practice sessions that I thought was fascinating so I I can link that in the show notes again it's required thing but you know just just diving in a little deeper than you know the rest of the one media world that is the flip side of this is I saw price they're charging for the print edition and sort of sitting there being like man if you're already like a really dedicated fan of autosport and like in the stuff that is on sport plus you could probably get away with charging people a little bit more like I like to in extent you're dealing with a really self selecting audience right there like both the reason my parents still live cable is so that they can watch one like straight up like they would not have cable anymore if not for that and so I think that's kind of the mindset you're you're dealing with here is it's not like you're you're no longer targeting the person who's picking up a issue of autosport at a new stand somewhere here if you're pointing your browser over autosport or or getting it delivered in the mail chances are it's because you have the same brain worms that we do I.

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