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Glad to be home. This tour man see the city Eddie. It's super grateful super grateful. But you know the traveling's a beast my fatkin kidneys bother me man. Just maybe. I don't drink enough water. My this is like almost like a T. color like a like an ice tea like a dark ice tea. You know what I'm saying. I don't know what's going on. It's like a dehydrated. You buy drinks fluids nonstop. I duNno and bureau. You need drink more water but when you like have you talked to. Dr Fluids are fluids. Like I'll there's diuretics. But if you're drinking enough fluids fluids fluids fluids. You never seen without drink. Yeah I was got coffee. My hand whiskey. It shows how much actual water I I don't. I don't see drinking water when it comes at me drinking water. I'm like bigfoot. You won't see any footage Jimmy drinking. Yeah well you definitely dehydrated. Then I don't know my fucking kidneys math or back her might be my kidneys. piss in that fucking brown sugar water baby shit is sweet. Are Nasty Yakutia eh sweet tooth. Yeah probably not good man not good at all yeah to blow the belt. Find The kid. Today and prank decayed talent is back to his birthday birthday yesterday. But didn't want posts yesterday because the only thing is just too much so I posted today. I think his birthday wrong. He's actually fifty three. Who knows what this past fifty gives a flying fuck? You know what I'm saying So I'll see Brian today. I'm back on lights out with David. Spade Bait on comedy central today to triple header and some days. You just don't feel like being funny. He's one of those days that Kobe stuff man. I can't take eight miles off of it. Mahama Kennedy my son's More Papa. Why are you crying I? I've been reading this book on child development stuff like that and they say never lied to the kid. Oh Bob was not crying purpose. These are tears of joy because it gives me the fact they know something. Feel it a guy that Papa really liked passed away excluding mean like well. He was in a helicopter. They have to explain why helicopters. So you're going step by making. The helicopter ran to the mountain. His family will never see him again and he still doesn't comprehend it. You know but they say not to lie to the kid says the worst thing in do go he you know. Don't worry he'll be back he's okay now he's not you know I don't know how when it comes to kids and death. They have no idea. He's a Oh cool. Let's shoot each other these guns these fucking nerf guns on that So you know you you thought about actual crashing shing part. It's all I couldn't sleep. A lot of people are saying the same thing me too when you see the actual area too and it's just burned up and stuff like that you all you think about the last few seconds the last ask you. I liked her gives me a peace of mind as I like to think it went. You know they knew they were in trouble and like Trying trying to figure it out and it goes. Oh Shit pull up bowman sites up. Yeah that's like to think I don't like to think that it crashed. And because of the It's like some sort of magnesium few on that helicopter where the they can't come riding the fumes in the the toxins are so bad it has to takes a special type above recovery team. Get in there like your normal firefighters. Just can't Russian and because of the toxins and the fumes so I like to assume that it was pulled bom Tom Black face the black for them and then they don't feel anything I don't like to think about them burning alive which. I don't think that that's the thing about you. Know there's super famous so rich Racecar driver England who got around by helicopter and him and his family died the same out. Helicopters is suppose the the you know. They're safer than plain stuff like that. But there there's zero like success rate when they crashed. It's game over. It's it's just like in this glass. Fuck in ball with a propeller on top so when it crashes it's game set match. Yeah it's Darkman. Yeah it just want to hug your loved ones man. I drove a little easier today. I was leaving. My girl goes does. Please be safe out there. It's my thing is when I fucking leave here I take old To paying a Canaan road. There's no one on their your boys flame flow. Not I your last Ricky Bobby style. I mean I'm drifting I'm fucking it is game on put that bitch sport mode and do my own shit. I it is intense. That's what wakes me up trouble. Yeah it's trouble good Doggie. What else is going on man I WANNA address this. There's forever you know Rogan's all over the news because the Barry Sanders stuff which I don't WanNa get into into can do where the fuck you want if you have an issue that you suck cock And then the Josh Josh Thompson. WHO's a friend of mine who I saw in San Jose? We're going how on a food truck to talk about it. I think people are confused on when I said if in this is where probably when I make a statement actor like rarely exaggerate eight. I think that's where the Stephen a Smith comes out. I really like you know I go balls deep when I make a statement because I do believe it that being said it's kind of harsh but I think that's where the lines get blurred so when I said if you're not in the AFC you ain't shit when I mean is the US's difficulty level goal to become a world champion the the level of difficulty to become a champion and the number of killers. You have to walk through and and beat in order become a world. Champion is much more difficult in the than any other league. And I'd love to sit down with Josh Rogin. Big John Scott Coker. Anybody can get it if you want to argue the level level of difficulty in the the death at one thirty five forty five fifty five seventy eighty five to five heavyweight. Come on down. Don't love to do it with you love to do it with you. Amount of Josh on future Dr to talk about it and I think this is where people are getting the lines ends blurred hairs. Do I think Lima is a UC caliber fighter. Of course yes man. Is he the best I don't know I don't know but unless you see I cannot say. You're the best. Because the guys are fighting. The Creme de la Creme to get to that. UC title shot. They're walking through fucking and fire to get there they just are the roster. How many more guys on the roster compared to belt or one championship? So when you say you'll see tim ship champion. It carries so much more weight. If you say I'm a champion I'm a world series champion. PF L. Champion. I'm a one championship champion. If all around the world I'm a UFC heavyweight champion UFC lightweight champion. You're the best there is. You're the best there is now. Are there guys in those other leagues. Who can come in and fuck some Yossi guys up absolutely? There's some guys in these other leagues. who come over? They might be champions. My point is we don't know and unless you are in the AFC and you are the champion. You can't consider yourself the best because you're not walking through the same fire that each and every one of these guys are you just not. You're just not and now you can take some guys compare their resume. Will this got in as a whole when you go. Through each of those divisions I list listed off man from Wand fifteen to get to be a world champion. UFC Ain't to saint. There's a reason why everybody and their fucking Mama wants to be. UFC heavyweight the champion. Kids gone right now. Go Godman hope. Hopefully one day amador champion. Why do you think that is what do you think that is okay? It's the you've seen marketing okay. Okay two kids grow. Go home in Ho film a European League champion basketball. Oh God dude. One day I I hope I win. That fucking Grey Cup in the CFL Canada. No Yo you want the highest regard you want the best of the best. It's just it is what it is man N. O.. Your homework used to find you. See who the facts are you. This there are guys in Bella tour who possibly could be. UC Champions campion's. My point is in two they come over. I cannot say they are the best. I'm not saying they're not world class. There's a lot of guys all over this fucking plant who world-class last. Let me go there. There's there's guys in leagues in Russia and Ukraine and China that you haven't heard of their bad ass world-class I'm sure they are. And Yeah I know those guys are out there until they get to. UFC and compete against the best in the world. I'm not ready to fucking write them off as the best. There's some guy in fucking Jamaica right now saying the fast guy in the world cooman Bob I run these local meets man. I fucking smoked these guys. I wanted to China and Japan and I came the state. I smoke these guys. Have you done against Hussein Ball. Have you done the Olympics. Were the best of the bests are no not yet but I'm smoking. I don't care who must I given you that fucking sponsorship because you're beating up these other guys the Union smart. She gives you the best of the best. We know Tom. Brady's the best quarterback or you know how we know Lamar Jackson's the best quarterback the MVP. He's playing against the best. You think there's some guy in the CFL thinks he's the best sure sure. Does anyone take him seriously. So now could that quarterback in the NFL come over to the NFL and ball out. Maybe we don't know until he gets there we don't no we have no idea. We have no idea. There are a lot of guys in one championship. BELA TOR PF l.. That could come over and probably give guys a lot of fucking problems now. Are They GonNa to be the John Jones or the Beeps and then when you know Brogan or or Josh go you know. We don't even know who could be was till nine. Oh competes could be resume to be made his name in the UFC fighting the fuck and who's who finding a WHO's who and they go. Why thing channels world-class I do too? Michael chance absolutely work class. Do you think he's the best one fifty five on the planet.

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