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Them all how many would be on my bookshelf but I've gone through so many and I just love him. So the fact that I got to read your book over the last couple of weeks has been amazing. But I'm always amazed at the details that go into it. Some kind of just interested in the how do you go about your research in an organization of a book like this? What was it like this? You had to become a in how to combine the qualities of A. Detective with an archaeologist innocence because token about events new. Half a century ago. So. I mean like you said, like you said so I'm in a room here which is surrounded by books about the Beatles. The most Retina boot bind in history. A. When you come to project you have to ask yourself to salient question, cody, which is s does the world need another another Beatles. And the. So of some fantastic jake. Some blow books and great pieces of walk I guy to evaluate. Taken very seriously the seediest skull us and these binds seemed to attract that level of scholarship from people so I pushed it with the view. First of all with it being ninety, six eight when I did it for the up vessels book was the Wind McCook new book as John Lewis. Would always looking for diversity. moments, you can attach something to so I took the view. Look at nineteen, sixty, nine through the prism old half a century. And perhaps using not. So not ideal of being a local detective and piece together all the elements from nineteen, sixty nine. And almost diety form Codeine obergefell diagnosed. With then people can people can then definitely de. Video sections the of more appealing to. So I thought if you could stitch together a nominative. Month by month non-active looking events happen in specific months. Then by during that, then you're compiling this. Through the entire year and by doing so you hopefully producing some kind of cohesive whole end of. You're such. I always say I Quixote Yoho by different get lost in translation. To an appeal to you. I just I've always thought that the Beatles the music is the music, but the story of the binders is really compelling essential for people. If you if you're a good story, then the beat told really the uninvited and not an aspect for being just a fantastic story on it so. I completely agree and I think that it's for me anyway for some reason, nineteen sixty nine seemed to be the year that for whatever reason I knew the least about and I'm curious did you find that? That was that you uncovered some things that you were like you didn't know going into it as someone who's studied the Beatles allowed. The idea of the idea of a sensuous at not to try and uncover some mystical revelation but to try a to try and peel by the layoffs. And you? Don't you to do this with any credibility. Court was to try and speak to people who ended binds ORB at that same either professionally of passionately because the problem with a bind like the Beatles is stories, become legends and legends become mets nine job to try dive down into the weeds died down into the the tangled roots of the owner Katya ends trying set three fight from fiction notably do that with the speech people. So what for me it was interesting was to be able to speak to people who were witnesses to history. Again. They've taken events because the problem is. There's been so much mythology attached to the bind. Nobody's it's only natural understanding of Paul, McCartney and Ringo. Starr can't remember key points of the past and what chance to see. Historians House executive. Approached it with a view to speak to people I spoke to testified people Ed, for example, men who? Would ended in Twickenham studios foaming alleged be Ed Don. Rushton. Medical Guide who stayed with joining Yoku through much of nineteen sixty nine. Yeah. A guy who is involved with the the get piece of John's so and when I spoke to these guys, why did find cody was they even after all taken even for a guy who you've laid everything that you can still cheese oh, fantastic stories. Yeah. I took the view the these stories when to. Than perhaps. Show. Because of the Mnuchin me they might be interesting for the people who who, who, unaware of absolutely. Yeah. So that was the challenge. goal in Saints Chine but something new to the table as not some mystical new revelation. You know I mean even even today you hear things like the secret recordings were gonNA continue after nineteen, sixty, eight I don't believe. Thanking. Will maybe come onto the Pizza Jackson, the be. Challenge and not was a goal I think. biolog- a monster tool of. Yes occupied here? Yeah. I I don't I. Don't know if there's another book that I've read. That's been this month to month linear. And I kind of want to jump into that. So it's opens in London obviously just cold London in January and The kind of. Right. Away goes into that the recording. Let it be in the obvious infamous rooftop concert on three Seville road. And What are some details that our listeners might not know that kind of took place behind the scenes that day without giving away the key takeaways from that he might get if you read the book. Yet. Important thing was just the the the. Assembled. avengers assemble the Beatles assembled and. January second ninety-six today to begin what on what would eventually become led to be that tape was cold. Get back at unofficial important here to apply some context to depleted I, think that's important. Thing here is context. Because they had not long finish the grilling stations for the way album when she's ever been able knew it is a double album and it took five months to call the way album. Remember how many songs over until maybe twenty sewn. And the really draining expedience. Here they wear west and two months later back in the studio in the context is this. Event Diagram Cody if you imagine Van Dyke on if we can go back to when described as. You can imagine van dig-. On. With the Beatles in the middle of. John Lennon Paul McCartney Joe China's Rangel stop in the middle and shooting off in various directions of these diagrams. Diagrams can consist of a issues business issues. Pass no issues and simply maturity issues. But the coin cakes is by the time they arrived bite in the studio. I should save Paul McCartney's behest. They were professionally a passing away exhausted liberal judge drained. Copy foam account is he is relentless Workaho Hallway. He has an incredible work ethic. UNQ- arrive by mister domain. Music. Spoke to him. WHO PLAYS WITH? said. McCartney's tooting. Should you a bind in eighteen nineties and he told me music just poor? Help, he has almost like cups. So you know he would arrive with nine, hundred, sixty, nine yielded highest some great songs. Under the Beltway for example to be sticking. Woman Wayne. Lewis kicking island. Two of us. But the other three of suffering from capable only attainable leverage because the religious the restocked point where. The other things happening in the latest being toys, not necessarily for George George and Ringo we'll certainly for joining George the number one priority, but he'll you how. Sergeant Major McCarthy throwing them into late winning team. Because he thinks it's important to. Keep the bind going to maintain. Productivity and but it was difficult another three point because there's a say a dreadful lethargy had begun to ten for all sorts of reasons. There's I mean there's all these everybody's not going to be on the same plane creatively all the time. So of McCartney's doing that I mean who can expect to be able to keep up with that and you know they were obviously under a lot of pressure from the label I forget exactly what they're deal was, but they had to produce a certain amount of music every year so. Might not be challenging for Paul to do that. But then you're also going to have these egos coming in and that's a lot what you talk about in the book of. You know I wanNA have this song on and I think one of the interesting things that I noticed is the precursor to kind of what became the Abbey Road Suite was these combination of songs which they kind of started with. majorly with a day in the life, but then they really got into..

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