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He's got no Kevin Durant. Fogies been out. The warriors have no bench. I know they've got championship part, and they stuff Steph in clay, I get that in a good coach. It is go time for James Horne to win this game and play. Well, you'd think James, I know your best both anything he plays ball tonight officer, you know, but I mean, he's not on the court. You know, you got Chris Pau some of the guys on the same stuff. Like, they're gonna help them pull it up. Hold on a second. I you're right. I mean when he is on the court there's four other guys next to him. Literally, your correct. But we don't talk about the four got when things are going. Well, we say James harden. So when things are going not, so well, don't you think it's fair to you? Bear the brunt on the guy who gets most of the praise, but it's going well. Bryce out of two. Got you. All right. So how can talk to us about Cham? How how's the shoulder? Let's get into your football team. Great division. A lot of good quarterbacks. Allot a tough tough offense. You have to play against the festively. But let's start with your team seven and nine a year ago. Obviously McCaffrey's obese we know the show. The defense is still very strong a good fan base. Good history. Where's carolina? Where are you guys at as a as a franchise direction wise right now? Whereas, you know, we'll make some changes on defense changes on defense. Three four defense. NFL? Let's go put more pass on the field. And we're gonna be able to get up to the quarterback more. Hopefully that creates more opportunities for me and Dante Jackson outside fix for. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. And of course on offense. You know, seeming these I saw I was just saying this day, our should say, I saw a picture of him the other day meant to say, and he's always been pretty athletic and pretty yoked twenty pounds of muscle. Big kid. We have post the in United take a second look at it when I seen him in a locker room. But I mean, he told me this just the picture, but he says that what he says. The same size. But you know, he's going he's going to show up to work every time he comes into he's terrific with James bradberry cornerback for the Carolina Panthers here on Tiki and Tierney in studio CBS sports radio. So when you guys go through and a lot of players go through this. Whether it's three four two four three or four three two three four. Whatever might be obviously, you know, the core of your responsibility doesn't necessarily change as a corner techniques not gonna change, but how much is the playbook actually change like how much do you have to inhale this off season as you switch defenses. Is it a lot? Is it something that seems overwhelming? For the cornerback situation. Religion chains job doesn't change also cover. I'm in going to be pretty much man to man three quarters concepts on outside. Is it really changes for the D lineman and linebacker so the front seven they've had to learn a lot more in the past few days with OT as going on. So I mean is interesting for them. Does let me ask you this. So you lined up at the line of scrimmage and opposite you is receiver. And is it easier for you with your skill set. Would you rather face somebody like? Mike Evans, his big any can run a little bit somebody. That's big and maybe a little slower, right? That you know, isn't necessarily going to get behind you or somebody who is more diminutive in terms of stature. But as a blur. And if you miss him on the first Jan he's going to get by you when you look bad seventy yards in the air. What's the tougher cover for you? The tougher covers definitely shift. Shifty guy John Brown of those guys. But how do you play them? Like what what's the key to making sure that they don't get vertical? When I lined up against him. You not get out crowd at the line of scrimmage, and I tried to get my hands on them. Knock them off the reference point targeting spot for Muslim down stay on top of them. And they can have the slant. They can have the hits you came nine row. Nelken no way. Can you tell right away when you lie save it's a young receiver? If he's even if he's a second year kid and you didn't play in the previous year, maybe somebody from a different division. Can you tell within the first couple of snaps if this kid wants to get physical, you gotta know right away. You can see in preseason was preseason fan because you know, they got to play their rookies. So we lost a lot of a lot of that Scott them, then and we'll see if they're real physical and go from new okay give when you look into James Bradbury for the Panthers. You look into the the backfield of the saints. Right. And you look at drew Brees. And you're what about twenty five years old now twenty twenty-five truce, basically forties, fifteen years older. Does he feel that much older? I mean does he is the bowl still in is? Are you starting to notice and I'm not asking you to distant? But he started to notice just a little attrition setting in. Where maybe drew isn't what he was when you first came in the NFL the way they were an office, man. He's still slinging it. He's very active with the ball. You know? That's the one thing that sets them apart from other quarterbacks not necessarily how far you throws equities. And when he when he does throw it, and he's still able to do that. So I mean is this social on defense when we go against them. He's I don't know how he does it. I mean, and he doesn't really get hit that often. That's the amazing about guys like Tom Brady, Tom's forty one years of age, and he's obviously different body type. He's bigger stronger. But these guys don't get popped that much. They just they're they're hard to hit. Tom clock. I mean, everybody's I hear ya. No doubt. And I don't want you to expand on that. But it just seems the guys who even ally and realize not that caliber, but, you know, alive for the most part does a good any can't run at all these guys that play, you know, thirteen fourteen fifteen years. They're so good at not getting hit. That would drive me nuts. You wanna pop one of these guys is the land of one's right? Yeah. Me from for the most part for like the way the game is nowadays. A lot of the dilemma, and they're kind of second guessing yourself when they do get get a hold of the quarterback. And also, you know, you have guys like Jameis Winston Patrick Mahomes. Very quarterbacks nowadays. Yeah. Yeah. It's funny. You bring up Mahomes because now, you know, whether you're linebacker, and you drop back in coverage or your corner, obviously safety not as much, but you know, it you start to look at a guy like Mahomes, and you think you have in pinned into a certain part of the field. Whether it's the sideline or certain spot. And now all these quarterbacks thrown from different arm angles. Russell Wilson's done it for a while, Patty Mahomes. Does it like he's a shortstop on the baseball field? You know, the column or is going to be doing this for the Zona cardinals. The the ever Lucia of the quarterback in your quarterback. Now is was a pioneer in his own, right? You know, big strong and fast. The quarterbacks are getting smaller than getting bigger getting smaller. That's got to be pretty pretty odd to see that happening because it's happening in real time right now. Yeah. Not the worst thing for db is to have a quarterback get out the puck in about time for the receiver. So of course, when you go against those quarterbacks. But I mean, you just got a kind of helps you go in a three four defense because those ends on outside can help saying those quarterbacks and keep them in a pocket. Yeah. So hopefully, we'd be able to do that. When we face guys like this. LA dodger fan, are you? Just Rockin just representing the city. And I was like I liked the head. I want it are you are you a lake who's your best? I know we talked baseball before who's your basketball team. Growing up L E Lakers fan. And what does that mean? Basketball like other than than the playoffs. Yeah. Watch it you think LeBron crazies it. You know, we talk about LeBron all the time on the show what a circus with the Lakers. I mean in the playoffs. They didn't. I mean, he's he's still LeBron is he? Lebron? Groin injury. He didn't have that. You know, they might have made it. No, I disagree with that. They were foreseeing when he got hurt. He got hurt on Christmas day, James bradberry here on Tiki and Tierney. You know, one of the things that I talk about all the time is the constant rules tweaks and changes if there's how much do you pay attention during the off season, you know, whether it's medicinal marijuana. Whether it's rule possible. Rules changes anything coming from the Commissioner's office. Are you the kind of player who was who was honed in on that or do you just basically want to know what you need to know how closely? Do you follow the league in the off season? They definitely make sure that we know the new rules that come out as of now we're still going over tackling rules going over the past interference. Of course. You know, they have that new rule sit in where they can replay. Yeah. You like that not terrible terrible for you. I mean, it takes some of the game. From the game. He's got us ought to find a way. Do you have to change technique a little bit knowing that now, I mean certain things, you know, you could get away with you're gonna have to change things up a little bit. I mean, really I just get a gauge based off the referees for the day. We Scott are teams that we play against opponents. But we also Scott the referees for that we like tendencies and how often they call certain flags and whatnot. So get a feel throughout the game..

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