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Tomase situation that'd be or so. Much about grandma, I, ask Sir talking a little bit about multifaceted talked before about will. Twenty for listened to your experience in your view on. What is? Well, multi cloud is leveraging best to breed. It's about taking. The opportunity to to build on Multiple cloud platforms. I mean we hear a lot of Amazon and aws? Azure but. Is actually you know a ton of a fascinating platforms as a ton of Niche, developer, platforms and tools. And the notion is for diversity and redundancy and scale ability. Globally the idea of building across those multiple clouds, not being sort of locked in to one particular vendor, which is. Potato help from an enterprise perspective very attractive. Well yes. We do fire south in precarious time got simone. Crisis. I think. Your relations are. Getting through this or still operating move. I think the Maldives Sergey probably suits. Against some flexibility you. Think you know. All Fox thank having do things differently. baynes world is male. Thanks Avenue. From free. Talking market check. You being. Is each. Is a death. or their make drums. To ask. Yeah well an enterprise tech. Nothing is easy as as you know. And indeed there there's there's benefits to being all in on a platform in terms to scale in terms of price. leverage. And in terms of training and enablement, but there can be also benefits in multi cloud particularly if you look globally. You know there are regions of the world if you're a global multinational or an APP developer who's rolling out globally where? Certain clouds have certain advantages and appeal. There's availability limitations I mean. They're not all created equally in every region in the world I'm not sure what Dublin. Ireland, for example what your local. In, a best of breed providers are. And there's benefits in having your vendor sort of compete for Your Business and cloud is not. Inexpensive unlike the perception out there you know it does. It is quite costly to to scale up cloud resources, and having you know your vendors compete for your business is a good thing. Also four disaster recovery I. Mean Cloud Regions Do go down Mrs. Zang will increasingly be a challenge and so. Having some diversity built into your architecture, your network can can be value as well. Of the the. Certainly been I think. Architects. These. Architects acting filing a multi trial Sergey. On contacts first of all. Of their. Technology second. Contract, you say well here. You're so this lead you talent, experience and Alex you let will Walton. Delays because. To the and C.. C. That. Cost you more money. Boss Coffee Student Do Federal. Law. The call by they're not. Feeling the Architect. He's from the new talk. Seen. Particularly the area where I'm quite active is the real time communication space. He you know we talk about what we're doing now with latency and Jitter and network performance, not all clouds are created equally, and there are certain regions or certain providers that do Work especially well, you know in certain with certain conditions or maybe have some advantages when it comes to certain features and functionality. And, so you know as a provider. You have to do your due diligence. I was interested to see that Zoom where we're using zoom video call chose Oracle as their cloud provider. Probably not the least of which was a bit of a snob to their competition at Microsoft and Amazon but I'm sure they got the. You know some particular advantages through working with Oracle, so there are lots of reasons why. You want to choose you know a provider based on your requirements. Many times you. You may find certain capabilities are. You know across two or three or more cloud providers. Yet. Leak this week. Markle. Four left equally say they're using multi. Credit is using. They're doing wouldn't say say six email. Instant using. The tools for storage. multiplayer. The. Are So I think one of the misconceptions with. People. Saas. For. Being, Arthur this law detract. Is using the number of Saas promoted to? Crappy. You match. The monkey twelve giving you A. Likes ability. To run between. Not, part. Of. Your expert meets being lower facilitate. Slow. Greenlee estimate sure thing to was possible. They're club. Hide the locked in so. Tally really achievable. Goal in the just gotTa! Get, it, said clarifies interests. Stuffy dumps don't..

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