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Melatonin to a class of twoyearolds to get them to calm down for nap time do you guys consider that criminals at something which we should call criminal gentleman giving twoyearold's melatonin it's you can't give a two year old leaving without their parents consent obviously right but it is melatonin i mean y'all melatonin come on so it made me think about what what what things have we used for our children to knock him out what are they use back in the day that could be a whisky did lay so we would you get in trouble forgiven could whisk you nowadays yes the some states like in wisconsin were actually it's legal to drink at any age of your parents are with you and consent yes i dunno chains that but i didn't show there fifteen years ago yup boy that was a that was a crazy one now i can't justify giving anybody's kid melatonin well asking but it meets melatonin a mountain you know it's amazing it is amazing finally we have a very very politically correct national politician who are global politician who is admitting that there is a massive problem with muslims massive problem i'm going to tell you what this world leader said and it's x wide so shocking because it's not senate has been coming out of this world lewis mouth ev that's coming up next on the chris kruk program under struck a twenty am wbap yeah two no it's the lifestyles unlimited wealth and passive income expo and it's coming up april fourteenth of this year course two saturday in.

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