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In space or cyber up next. There were celebrations across the country yesterday. Marking juneteenth now federal holiday when we come back how the belated recognition of june us. As much about our future we are back. It's data download time this time. We are marking a new federal holiday. It's the first time federal holiday has been added to the calendar over thirty five years but before juneteenth was a federal holiday it was a state holiday almost everywhere but that didn't happen overnight. We show you the journey of juneteenth in the states. It began of course in texas in nineteen eighty of course texas was the first state to acknowledge juneteenth. Which of course is their knowledge. Meant that they were the last state. Essentially do acknowledge immense a patient and then by nineteen ninety nine three other states were added minnesota oklahoma and florida. It was really in the first decade of this century that momentum for juneteenth really took off thirty plus states added it from two thousand to two thousand nine and in fact by the time congress voted on it every state but to had june eighteenth as a state. Just south dakota in hawaii Didn't have it as a state holiday. North dakota was the most recent state to add it in april. What's interesting here is just sort of where public opinion has been on this overall. Just thirty five percent of adults say that juneteenth should be a federal holiday. But don't mistake that freight lack of support. It's more of a lack of knowledge about it because forty percent said they didn't know in public opinion. That tells you. There is a bit of a knowledge gap on the issue overall. What's interesting on this knowledge. Gap is how much it is by age. A real generational. Divide as you can see here. Among younger folks. A majority believed juneteenth should have been a federal holiday. Older folks scott the less. They thought juneteenth to do that. And this plays out in other issues involving racial justice. For instance reparations. The idea that descendants of slaves should be compensated. Well support for it. There's still a majority that. Do not support reparations. But check out this generational divide forty-two percent among eighteen to thirty four believe That yes there should be some reparations and you will see the older. The responded gets the less support there is for it. But what does this tell you. June eighteen is not the end of something when it comes to marketing racial inequality in this country. It may be the beginning of new conversation. Because as this younger generation gets older the discussion of racial justice inequality is only going to become more central. So keep an eye on when we come back. Mike pence it's heckled at a christian conservative conference. Just another sign that on the right these days if you're not one hundred percent with donald trump. you're considered one hundred percent is enemy. Stick welcome.

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