Martin Luther King, Newton, United Negro Improvement Association discussed on Podcast – The Pan-African Alliance


All right so don't just think of this in terms as handtohand combat right though just take to the streets armed with with with knives and guns and think you're going to overturn this entire system there must be a combined and unified strategy a comprehensive strategy that covers all nine of those fields so if you can't do battle physically you can do battle culturally you can do battle politically you can do battle spiritually all right the final principle that we're going to touch on today is hold the liner hold the line battles may be lost but the war must be one and here's what i mean by that think about all the great mass movements of the past think about the war that queen the single waged against the portuguese think about a martin luther king's great grassroots movement think about a brother malcolm x organization for african american unity think about the all black panther party headed by hugh ep newton think about the united negro improvement association headed by marcus messiah garvey think about the uh the the kingdom if you would call it that that cormon kromah built in the um in the state of ghana think about the progress that patrice lumumba laid down think about the progress that his imperial majesty a highly selassie roster afar laid down all right once these men and women were taken away from us their moments fell apart much to our discredit much to our discredit for those of us who were alive and followed behind them and witnessed their lives being taken witnessed their organizations just falling apart after they were gone.

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