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Today a monster. If you're of a certain age, you might remember the nineteen fifty four movie creature from the Black Lagoon. Here's the plot. A geology expedition in the Amazon uncovers fossilized evidence, a skeletal hand fingers from the Devonian period that provides a direct link between land and sea animals further excavation of. Of the area where the fossil was found turns up nothing the leader. The search is ready to love, but it's thought that thousands of years ago, the part of the embankment, containing the rest of the skeleton fell into the water that was washed downriver broken up by the current. The group discovers at the river empties into a lagoon. The scientists decided to. To take a little longer and unaware that amphibious Gilman has been watching had for the lagoon, and that kill man is taking notice of the beautiful assistant. Will you get the idea? And if you think the plot for the film, the creature from the Black Lagoon came out of the imagination of a writer or perhaps a famous film director. You'd be half right. Right Produce Sir William Allen was attending nine hundred forty one dinner party during the filming of Citizen Kane, in which he played the reporter Thompson. When Mexican cinematographer, Gabriel Figueroa told him about the myth of a race of half fish half, human creatures, Amazon River, Allen, rose. Story notes title the Sea Monster Ten years later using beauty and the beast just inspiration. In December nineteen fifty two Maurice Jim expanded this into a treatment which Harry Essex and Arthur Ross rewrote as the black lagoon. The rest is movie history. The story told to Allen by Mexican cinematographer gave Figaro was based on the legend of Jaka. Ruina buried accounts describe. The arena is being Harry with their heads turned backwards and deformed feet. Could be characterized as seductive and sexually dangerous lure humans into water by taking on human forms when people of the Amazon and community disappear, and do not return such as fishermen husbands in young girls, deception is the ACA Luna had seduced and captured their victims. They abducted victims gradually come to resemble their captor the Yakov Bruno over a period of time I. There is turned to resemble the Conrad. Then their head and feet turn backward wants a full transformation is complete. The human has turned. Turned into a Jaka rhuna transformation to Jaka Ruina is irreversible and a person so transformed may never return to his or her home. I researched this story. I thought it sounded like a lot of other folktales that come from tribes of indigenous people that is until I found a nineteen eighty six account of an American doctor who ventured into the Amazon with his wife and daughter to provide needed medicine and medical treatment to several primitive communities. He described in a log I how his daughter! Daughter was taken by Jaka Luna One day one day she was swimming, so it's she was pulled under and vanished. Nobody was ever recovered grief-stricken. He and his wife returned to the states. They soon separated. It was an auditory years later alone and distraught, but he returned to the Amazon River, whereas daughter had vanished that he saw her again still alive, but it transformed into a mermaid. She had married a yacht, Luna and gain knowledge in becoming healer of the waters. No one ever saw. saw the doctor again. The doctors camp was discovered by a group searching for explorer Percy Fawcett. Who vanished in the Amazon in nineteen, twenty five monster

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