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As said okay so close your eyes and tell me where that's coming from and she pointed in next door was a single man who is in his thirties who was watching port all the time at this little girl was eight was picking that up or merge next door neighbour in assuming endless her desire to have sex with one wow and when i got her to realize that wasn't hers it was the next door neighbors why didn't find out apps until after the father went over and found out that his neighbor was watching court all the time uh what's i got her to realize that all the big she went away and i said to her you gotta ask year really more aware than you realize it's like you have this weird kind of awareness you pick up the thoughts feelings emotions of other people anywhere from eight the one hundred miles out in all directions so win these thoughts come to you ask who is this belong to it whitens up site your cell to go away and she started doing that it was very q because their mothers said i thought you were full of shit when he said that but i was out with mike god or the other day and i was like oh my god i love her so much it she turner looked at me a jesus i love you too mummy you know it's like we all pick up these thoughts feelings emotions and people all the time it was like.

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