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Percent or better from the floor denver tonight fifty two percent nuggets at thirty seven assists and just thirty four rebounds in that milwaukee win right before the allstar break might have been one of their better wiggs of the year better games of the year second free throw for yokich is good and he's not going on at triple double door again i love side as patty mills were halfway home of the third quarter loves it on the elbow to aldridge it's an eyesore against yokich backs him down spin silver's left shoulder bank shot his up it in that's all day for aldridge not as kept them fairly quite the first happened now said decided to quit doubleteaming last ten scored by aldridge in the period for san antonio to all murray driving in addition over to wilson chandler dow yokich headfake got rid of gay gets down the lane got bumped runner foul on albrecht that will be handled free throw coming up here for the joker recesses the call yokich tonight twenty one point seven rebounds and eight assists near the basketball game i'm not sure any nugget is ever had three tripledoubles in a row ebbe we that that can't back have not of abbott free throw for yokich is up in it it's it's a stretch right now but it is possible in here comes tony parker nuggets lead by a point barker has it on the high rights i go to their bajamal murray heath roosevelt's pass over to aldridge knocked out of his hands by yokich aldridge got a back nine on the shock lock hands at oxygen only two nobody crosscourt pass mills headfake an along two jumpers good here's did a good job running them off the line but that love mills wide open very gets the flavor met coach mike alone given go by yokich murray has it knocked out of his hands and then lost it out of bounds that's twice that saboteurs san antonio basketball coma back the other way jamal murray tonight three of eight shooting 9 points four rebounds five assists and here comes jody barker barker has it of the key opener rudi gay with five minutes to go in the period now joe nobly on the bounce bass over the aldridge another post up here against yokich he spins takes.

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