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Twenty four seven news center the governor says the states about to make an important move in fighting the corona virus outbreak almost Charlie harder tells us that involves more than fourteen hundred investigators investigators are called contact tracers ambil consist of workers from the departments of health and licensing as well as soldiers from the Washington National Guard governor Jay Inslee says once a person has a positive code case the contact tracers then interview the patient then try to figure out all the people they've been in close proximity with in recent days we think of this is a a smart weapon against this virus he's smart because it's targeted for the folks who are positive and if it's successful it will allow us to re open our economy has sort lifting the restrictions a bit in moving from phase one to phase two for most of the state governor Inslee says it's too early to tell whether that is going to happen at the beginning of next month Charlie harder colonial using numbers from the department of health as well as reports it's from the various counties at least nine hundred sixty three people have died our state which is up twelve from Monday statewide there are now more than seventeen thousand one hundred confirmed cases of covert nineteen corona virus continues to spread in Washington state that we're seeing fewer cases involving people over the age of sixty state public health officer Dr Kathy lo fi says at the beginning of the outbreak about half the cases involve people in that age range the past two weeks they made up only a quarter of the new cases that are being careful they are in the highest risk groups Lucy says she sees this as a good sign that people that age range are taking the precautions seriously they call that nineteen infection rate is climbing again in Snohomish county a call was Ryan Harris tells us health experts say we need to keep up both our physical and mental health that infection rate is up above one transmission for every infected person which means potential growth in the number of new cases so how much county's health officer remind you it's important to limit your contacts and while there's no plans to require you to wear masks in public it's highly recommended Dr Paul Schoenfeld a psychologist with the Everett clinic says the coronavirus crisis also puts us in a place of sustained stress that our brains just aren't designed to handle so he says use your coping skills exercise regularly eat properly and we really need to make sure that we limit alcohol consumption when Stanley's are stuck together for days on end and people are drinking excessively it's going to result and behavior that we don't really want to see doctor Schoenfeld also says get plenty of sleep and turn off your screens at least an hour before bed so your mind can wind down Ryan Harris komo news calls from people who died before emergency medical help could arrive are up ten percent in king county is nine one one calls for things like heart attacks and strokes are down by twenty five percent that has emergency doctors concerned that you're not calling nine one one.

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