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And instead, were there. Come on, You know, it's funny. We're such a divided nation right now on so many levels and Dean behaved in a line ahead earlier, because he does he Dean is a computer guy. He understands the technology aspect. And frankly, we should be able to come up with a technology that is solid. It is consistent that could be monitored and not penetrated by outsiders and people convert without question. And right now we don't have that We have to do that. I could tell you that we have And we have the software engineers in this country to create that it wouldn't be a problem. Well, Pat, I didn't know this was a freeway. No, Dean Dean's my co host. He's on that. She's on the radio with us. Oh, I apologize. I didn't know that. Well, if I might still continue a bit, then I wanted. What I wanted to do was make a suggestion. And the suggestion would be that you issue a voting cards of people I'd like to have when I bought an orange in a supermarket and pick a bag because with purple and open it up. They had that transaction. Where your come true today earlier I think the point is, I don't care who people care. I don't care if you know our boat. The point is, there should be some way to issue me a card of open voting record. And we could begin the filtering this. You see what's happening here Right now. There's no way to validate the voting records because of the instability of the country, the needs of the process, right? To nobody. Nobody's coming up with a solution, either. That's the problem, too. You think Trump hasn't come up with a solution? Nobody's come up with a solution. We don't have a solution right now. Hey, but hold that thought you ready? Yeah, that's called tracking and trailing. You're absolutely correct. It's simply the problem is how we vote for the guy. We put him in office. We don't hold them accountable. They don't have 100 questions. We all agree to put somebody Have them answered. We don't agree how we removed him from office. We don't agree how we have public debate. But if you come down to the fact is that without the voting process of the foundation Everything else is secondary. Right? So you don't question I'm sorry to interrupt. No, no, he said, No. He's agreeing with you. The more you know question. So here, Here's a chance for us to evolve if you will to leap ahead and our evolution to settle our differences of this traumatic moment, and I think it's going to get words quite frankly. The point is, there's a chance for us to resolve our problems in our leadership is broken, and we try to sort that out. It's my belief again. It's a public employee unions. Those people become an iconic west the economy have become, they become a aristocratic elite who longer look at us is obviously looking at a servant with multiple women. So if you take that most negative aspect of it Somewhere out there Not be some damn leaders in Las Vegas or in Nevada. Stand up and say, Wait a second. I'm gonna bite the entire mutiny here. We're going to a culinary for 30 days straight. Eight hours a day. Every meeting is gonna be there. We're gonna have interrogated moments probing moment point counterpoint, emotional moments of only one rule. No live ammo. The point is, we need to have the men Janet Ip and the women. But these were different perspectives. Now keep that in mind, but the point is, we can't even find revolution. And what we both know me put it this way. The frustration when I see people burning, looting, beating people up in the middle of the street. And not the people doing it. But the government behind those people allowing this to occur, Gentlemen Warren Civil War Now. So my point is these in this moment of tragic or Travis here or go in a conflict which, if you take my my my my finest position about please Even this catastrophic moment. Where the hell have you dated that? Well, will. I gotta cut you off there. Could you come down a little, But I appreciate your point. I'm going to cover the bases with Dean and thank you so much. You know, Dean. It's interesting this week. I got into it with Republicans. Mary, you were saying you wanted to. You wanted to get me We were going to talk Democrat Republican and I will tell you I attacked the secretary of state and it's in Nevada. Which is Barbara Saganowski, she said. She's her Republican. That caller a rhino out loud and out. And initially when I called her out for not supporting The president because he's a Republican. I got it. Flack from Jim Wheeler up north who's a state senator, and he goes. You don't know what you're talking about Baba Baba and two days later. Guess what Barbara said gasket, in fact, did and did support Suing back the president. The bottom line is this. I think where will is right. We should be able to sit down and come up with great ideas. That's the name of that's why we have called a show called Common Ground, Right? This was your idea. I absolutely like. Love your idea. To come up with a plan. And come up with digitally. I don't see why we can't do it. I think it's ridiculous that we don't have a digital platform to vote on. I mean, I just can't understand in this day and age with all the technology that we have that we can't that No one's No one's. Not one person. I haven't heard. One person in Congress mentioned it. You suck. I came and argue with you on this point. It's killing me, you know, and and you know, I don't know whether it's because I don't know what people afraid of, honestly trumps afraid of mail in ballots. He can. I can honestly tell you the problem. I see with mail in ballots Nationwide Number one is to discount Can you get will Will's gone number One is counting Number 12 is getting him in timely. There's there's a lot of holes are hold. But you know what? The holes could you easily patched if they can come up with a program like you said, and make it easier, But they haven't By the way we have another caller shades on the flight line. J D. How are you? Welcome to common ground. Well, it's great to hear you're back on the on the radio again. Appreciate there, your friends or their team. I have to take issue, though, Dean, you say people are growing problem cheer for the election. There's an ad in the review Journal today. Work on Election Day and get paid $225 a day and all the early voting days get paid $14 an hour. Really now. The danger to these people. I would think you say they will not work because they're older. Or there's a lot of people out of work that air younger that may take a $225 Payday are today. That would be great. I thought most people were volunteers to be now they're paid by the by the county in the state, and it is that it's been nice labor for I don't know. 30 40 years now. You say that people would be afraid. Well, maybe the supermarket people should be afraid The truck drivers should be afraid. And you know, we've had 160 demonstrations in Las Vegas and Nevada since that fella out there in Minnesota was was so horribly killed. By the Cup, but not one time have I heard governor Sis like to say to the rioters, looters and protesters where a mask and stay six.

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