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In put up a banner some teams don't have a one through six t playoffs what is this going to happen look it's going to happen it's like it's like the changing of the redskins name in washington like this is going to happen there is going they're going to eliminate conferences eventually right you have to have the best sixteen teams seeded accordingly so we're not having this conversation i'm getting you ready right now come a pro it's gonna be to it three teams in the eastern conference london 500name in the play it's good you know you're a see the hornets their whatever it is good wait a second that they would just went forty and forty two and now they're in the playoffs as get completely steamrolled by the celtics or the cavaliers one through sixteen is going to happen the conferences will be eliminated or you know this is not travel problem anymore you know like the whole thing it just antiquated and needs to change and it does change to remember weird first jill rose what abdel somehow you knew that she's we're going to be the patriots yes sir we have manning football eric berry foot a season unknown sony injuries matt dole went down with concussion on a very routine played admits because hey got her it was just weird this and it's if it's bad and i have to give a shout out i always have to make sure i acknowledge when guys just be season vets alex smith um we start talking about the greatest quarterbacks gay manager his they won't come up nope but all i know his teams consistently win mmhmm he takes care to football and he threw four touchdowns the cream hut two he was ball thing about korean hunt at love is your rookie it's the first time you've ever played in the nfl if she got to be nervous and pride in sleep the night before as we can announce leaving how 'bout this of course i am planning is him this week i'll play it gets him this week to unlicensed lit up fifty one points and what am i lease.

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