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Beginning at nine AM on your home of the bears tape Kerner newsradio seven eighty one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time eight forty eight traffic and weather together on the H. here's John centrists well Roger is the evening slows down so torture actually our travel time speed up it's an opposite effect right now on the aids no delays ninety minutes either way between like cooking the Kennedy junction how about on the Kennedy we're looking good inbound will slow still from division to the hundred three tunnel but each report the travel time gets well reduced right now it's only twenty five minutes from headed downtown fifteen from the junction where extension is clear how bout in the eye no delays on the inbound side it's slow from national to the burn interchange thirty two minutes three ninety to downtown ninety Fermanagh Stevenson is clear on both sides only thirty minutes either way between three fifty five in lake shore drive twenty minutes to or from the tri state just ten minutes either direction to or from this rough from lake shore drive I fifty five will county is clear no problems on the Ryan fifteen minutes either way between downtown in ninety fifth I fifty seven is clear both ways fifteen minutes between I eighty in the Ryan and this report is looking good both ways as well only for fifteen minutes between the Ryan in eighty ninety four lake shore drive is clear southbound and northbound tristate overnight construction getting under way on the northbound side the left lane close from ninety fifth to the eighty third street toll plaza until five AM also north bound the right lane closed from Ogden to the Sir Mack toll plaza until five tomorrow morning right now no delays on the tri state the other Illinois tollways all looking good and things are clear on the northwest Indiana roads be our eyes on the road if you see something that doesn't look right and you haven't heard in this report help us out call us on the WBBM art fan traffic tip line eight five five seven eighty road eight five five seven eighty seven six two three our next traffic report is it a fifty eight on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM the W. B. B. M. accu weather forecast tonight increasing clouds and very cold the law of thirteen tomorrow very cold with some some clouds to start then turning mostly sunny high of.

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