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Kansas City, Ross Tucker, New Orleans discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


I need your help on this one number one is I don't know what to wear because last year I was at covered the NFC championship game. And it was cold down via and I over dressed, and it was not as cold, you know. But I think this time if I overdressed I'm might still be classed my coke. So number one for California kid, the number one thing I feel like I need to wear is long Johns. Right. Yes. To pair socks. Now. I'm debating because I will be any working press box. Also be down the field. So do I wear snow-boots like coal boots or do? I wear like just regular Harto shoes. I think I think you gotta go boots. 'cause I don't want to snowboard feet going. You're going to get cold from the bottom up. Right. And so I think if you can Mike's going to have a weather report coming up on Friday. So make sure you I'll be for. We're seeing all these reports. Right. Arctic blast go through the middle of the country. It's going to be anywhere from ten degrees to minus ten degrees at game time on Sunday. I mean kudos to you. I want no part of that. That's the straw that. I picked so I got that straw only. Because we, you know, so. Basically on the NFL radioside. There's two games that are set up this year and with me working for NFL radioside on serious. There's two games. There's the New Orleans Saints championship game which I mean the game. That's located in New Orleans. There's Kansas City. Well, half of our staff will be in the world because they want to drive two hours on Monday to the senior bowl, which is the biggest mall in mobile so mobile Alabama. So logistically, it's a lot easier for guys to get from New Orleans to mobile, which I think the entire league may go from New Orleans to mobile because it's going to be a ton of people who are probably at the game. And they're going to go see some of the top seniors in guys coming out in a draft in mobile Monday, which is a huge week which was a week that I was in by the way late in the senior bowl. So I know how big a week that is. But I got the straw of going to Kansas City. So what is the breakdown going to be of time spent in? In the press box. And then down the field. You think that's where the text one of my guys because Ross Tucker, you guys know Ross, oh, he's the best. So he's he's been I'll take him to kind of get the lay of land in terms of how much I'll spend on the sideline how much spin in the box. And you know, the one of the things that you have to understand to realize is that if the home team wins if Kansas City wins, then you usually have a trophy presentation on the field, right? When the visiting team in the championship game wins the presentation is in the locker room. So it's almost to a point. Are you rooting for the patriots? Because. I'll be covered indoors. But then you have kids see we outside. So I'm trying to figure all that out that me you can always take close off when you're in the press. So I think you want to put as many layers possible, okay? On down goose down. I think is good. Oh wool. Yeah. Yeah. You want to go. Oh, I'm I'm just go all in and what is the coldest place. You had to play when you were a player in the week, remember leave and for all my fact checkers out there because you know, at Kansas City. No, no, no, not at Kansas City for all. My fact checkers out there who can look it up as well. I believe it was two thousand and seven Oakland Raiders we played against Green Bay with Brett farve at quarterback. And I remember at the time of kickoff..

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