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Us a call on the W T. M j Hall, Mazda Milwaukee dot com. Traffic Tip line at 414203 81 100 with traffic and weather together on the tense I'm fabulous aga w T m j palatable dot com M J five Day forecast this morning clouds have rolled back into southeastern Wisconsin. The winds are picking up. It's not gonna be the nicest of days today. Also a few Sprinkles possible high temperature of 45 degrees. Only for tonight. Mostly cloudy, breezy and cold. A few flurries possible 31 lakeside 25 inland Friday mostly sunny chili. I've only 43 on Saturday, mostly sunny on Halloween, windy and mile, the high of 56. Sunday. Partly cloudy, windy and chilly again a high of only 40 and Monday mostly sunny and breezy, high. 48 meteorologist Brian IS Nancy with storms forecast. Gosh 37 New Berlin 40 It's 40 in Milwaukee AT W. T. M. J. Talk about the winners and losers so far in the pandemic. Economically, we know who's hurting the restaurants that Mars the theaters. But there's one industry that seems to be thriving. Your mom had some of it. Maybe you have some in your cabinets in the kitchen to its Tupperware put in the food, put on the patented Tupperware seal, then press down the center of the seal and lift a little at one side. Hear that whisper. That's Tupperware's airtight promised to keep food's flavor. Fresh Tupperware. Still a thing pandemic be damned, Even if you can't do a party to sell the stuff with Tupperware parties. A thing of the past is Tupperware.

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