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Walmart dot com the next morning it have been removed from t spring dot com as well you know they tshirt guy i see video for folks and were actor rallies for then candidate donald trump wearing this tshirt in sort of a brought to mind sort of this feeling in the country among some people about journalism how dangerous has a tshirt like this and a thought like this well we live unfortunately in us the society where there's been a complete breakdown of civil discourse and this tshirt is just one symptom more microcosm of that uh imagine if he will inserting any other now in place of the war journalist in that freights uh growth tree woman some somebody required growth tree teacher some assembly required there were be universal outrage so what makes it acceptable to save broke tree journalist some assembly required it's not acceptable and it's open season on journalists in america today your according to the us press freedom tracker which is the archive of record for threats on press freedom in the united states thirty five journalists so far in 2017 and then physically assaulted merely for doing their jobs so we live in an inflammatory climate to say the least and these tshirts were just unacceptable it seems like the uh the inflaming of the country continues as well just as recently as yesterday steve bannon was a is down in a ballot bama campaigning for the senate candidate the more referring to journalists again as the opposition party them the president the united states when he took office called journalist enemies of the state that kind of thing is is it resonating among the country how do you how to journalist how does the country even battle something like that well sadly it is resonating and it's resonating with a significant segment of the population uh a new study by the poynter institute in florida uh released for the past few days said forty four percent of americans they survey believe that the news media make up stories about president trump uh and that simply is not true uh so yeah it's resonating it's it's not a good time uh in in in terms of.

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