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I wonder if anybody left the not heard one yet they keep signing people put you know was what chris kirk yeah he left he left yeah but here's the thing george aboard by the way is number one nor nobody's winning with pex g or good football were great gulf that's what i don't kill one guys one a baliem with psg but i bet but i mean look what happened look what happened is actually ansett you go go to them off he fell off the young widow to the high end clubs around town and they're selling a boatload of those clam right they are in every time i go to a when i'm hitting on the range in there have a clip fitting going on if they have five club fittings they sell five sits eclipse at thirty five hundred bucks there i just in my thinking is i don't know if i would see that much of a in improvement can once a bang for the buck don't you you you have you done a fitting on pigs to yet no we don't know now i pretty much ago now you down because i don't hear any let you don't yeah i do i'll tell you why i don't hear anybody dropping your handicapped by x amount of strahl may people dido play vx gee i know several dea yeah i don't think i know anybody yeah and then i don't ever yogurt arrival of those circles eddie never get rid of them they just kinda maybe they start mixing the bag up a little bit but the fact that no it's not a been a game changer for everybody on tour for anybody on tour that's gone to it except for it he pat perez year the only guy so he won he won yet he had a really good year yeah but that was coming off a rotator cuff surge yeah so so i think craig that's one guy that's one guy but other now they have some uh there's a junior golfers they have some uh that you offers a few neograph registered offers what junior golfer dan a thirty.

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