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And iran iran's embassador to japan seeking international support to ease tensions and demands that washington stop hostilities the official said on monday in tokyo that iran faces a alleged u._s. economic terrorism and suspected sabotage attempts in the persian gulf he urged the international community to help ease the tension in the region by forming a consensus the stop the alleged u._s. hostility now this comes the secretary of state mike pompeo is in saudi arabia he is meeting with gulf nations this morning he's also travelling to asia in an attempt to build a coalition against iran national security adviser john bolton he had strong words for tehran on sunday as he was in israel he said iran should not mistake prudence for weakness bulletin making the statements alongside israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu netanyahu has called on the u._s. russia and israel to discuss the situation neither iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake u._s. prudence and discretion for weakness no one has granted them a hunting license in the middle east iran can never have nuclear weapons not against the u._s._a. and not against the world what's news now thanks to crippling american sanctions iran is facing unprecedented economic pressure as a result of its aggression so i was pleased to hear president trump made clear today that pressure will continue and the pressure way increase here at home lawmakers warned iran against bad behavior how the u._s. should react though well that's along party lines to make sure that International responsive for Texas. Freedom of navigation. we do does not escalate a situation that doesn't lead to miscalculation so i don't think people should be jumping out of prison throw for wanting to think this through and make sure Neither side is calculates, and we don't end up in war with Iran. so i think this has to be an international response to de-escalate the situation Understand. Incident. There is no congressional authorization. Jerry. Effectively. Country around. john bolton who president trump called a hawk says sanctions will continue against tehran in the u._s. reserve the right to attack it at a later point new sanctions are set to be announced today meanwhile the white house's unveiled the economic portion of its much anticipated peace plan for israel and palestinians calls for fifty billion in investment and infrastructure projects in the west bank and surrounding areas that proposal release saturday head of two day conference to build support of the proposal in bahrain at that meeting will take place amid heavy skepticism about the viability of the plane and opposition from palestinians the fed reserve says eighteen of the nation's largest and most complex banks past stress tests in are strong enough to withstand severe economic downturn this year the fed tested how well the nation's largest banks would handle a substantial drop in commercial real estate prices as well as heightened stress in the corporate debt markets a special process shooter will investigate the cook county prosecutor's decision to dismiss charges against actor jesse smolin who was accused of lying to the police by claiming he was the victim of racist and homophobic attack the judge's ruling friday also leaves open the possibility that smell it could be charged again the judge declaring had no problem with kim fox recusing herself but the judge said fox should not have handed the case off to someone else in her office today makes perfect changes create office turned she said i'm recusing myself but i'm gonna go ahead and appoint i'm going to appoint someone to do a job that doesn't exist and the twenty page ruling Really spells that out that she doesn't have that. Authority. actively today the judge has said he will be appointing a special prosecutor who will then have the power to real case fox had been in contact with a relative of the actor and had also been approached by former first lady michelle obama's one time chief of staff that on behalf of small family and she explained at the time she was recusing herself to avoid what she called even the perception.

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