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August Seventeenth starlight drive. In Amelia, it is titled how we look at the immortal words of Marty, Brennaman directed by Terry Luke Meyer whose fantastic it chronicles Marty's life in his classic calls. There are some big time guest who who speak about Mardi in this, it will as mentioned. Monday August seventeenth there will be live music that night when a Terry Mardi hosted by our Guy Josh need, and then the film will debut all your ticket information and you can see the trailer right now that trailer is fantastic by going to my blog at seven hundred wwl wd com without further ado let's welcome in the hall of Famer Marty Brennaman, how are you? I'm good lance. How're you? I am well. There's been books about you. there. You have plaques you have inductions. You have bobbleheads documentary on the big screen. That's big time. Yeah. You know I i. when winter it I approached me I don't know a year and a half two years ago whatever it was about the possibility of doing it I was stunned I had. The last thing in the world I would have ever dreamed about. Making made the focal point of a documentary but you know if somebody's GonNa do it There's no one better to do with Jerry Luke. Meyer and then I was I was shocked I was also honored that he would think nothing career I had as a broadcaster in the big leagues to undertake a venture such as this and you know you read his resume and. It's very, very impressive, and so I'm thrilled to death to be a part of it and I'm really looking forward to the seven. Have you seen the finished product five? Not An factory was We had a conversation, he and Amanda and I. Well, I guess last week and and I I have not shown any interest at all in seeing it before everybody else sees. I've seen the trailer of course and I've I've seen some outtakes seven some out takes I think in fact I think he's boasted some on facebook But in terms of seeing the finished product, I have not seen one bit of it and and that's the way I wanted to be I I again, I go back to his talent..

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