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Customer that driver is no longer make in deliveries Christine Persichetti fox news okay this has used time now seven ten ten minutes past seven like that seven eleven pocket change at all levels the gasoline prices in the Wichita area things looking pretty good out there fifty fifth street south and Broadway at the low end this morning I'm seen dollar fifty six a gallon gasoline traffic update ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. and SS I'm jet chambers now the K. as in the storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Ron L. Williams good morning run L. Hey good morning Steve how you doing I'm happy Monday Hey doing well because we can we have some pretty doggone nice weather so the people can get out and walk the dog go yeah all to run a I did I went for a run run both days and actually worked in the the the the yard a couple days I got it so I don't want to sit around the house not with his band so we had some good weather weekend yeah definitely I feel like it was more so Sunday though because if you member on Saturday it was pretty windy and I actually still sauce a couple of people one or two people are still playing basketball on Saturday despite the wind that those were somewhat brave individuals but they look like they were still doing pretty good but yeah Sunday definitely the highlight of the weekend actually got up to seventy one degrees yesterday in which top good amount of sunshine blue sky barely any clouds all day and winds were of course a lot lighter to white cap off the weekend too so yeah pretty nice out there and I was glad to see a lot of people out making sure that they were also practicing social distancing wall you know just enjoying the weather and getting in touch with mother nature despite what's happening out there so we do have some big changes ahead I don't think we'll be spending as much time outside today just because we had to actually have a likelihood of showers even some rumbles of thunder even though things are dry now grab the ring your before you head out because we'll see about that chance go up between the lunch hour between around three four o'clock that's when we'll really start to see some rain showers moving into the metro going from partly to mostly cloudy sixty seven degrees for a high by early afternoon but then temperatures will gradually get back down close to the lower sixties by five o'clock eventually dropping back down to forty five tonight not turning to Chile but we will have a likelihood eighty percent chance of showers storms continuing to track west to east not expecting anything severe if we hearing rumbles of thunder mostly to partly cloudy skies tomorrow lingering chance of a few rain showers early in the morning but then the rest of our Tuesday should stay dry going to be a little bit cooler with a high of sixty one staying dry all day Wednesday and then rebounding pretty quickly back up to sixty nine close to seventy turning windy too and then.

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