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The rich eisen show on the air were live pittsburgh pa where the 72 steelers the to win uh up with the patriarch jumped and jerry gel manganelli now he says dice laughing uncontrollably when he walks around the atsc campus said sees people wearing war now jeans and app ciro di said article five and five there currently five and four which is good enough to be six spot in the afc but in the nfc that's and it's 10th they've already lost to the rams who might wind up being in a wildcard mixed because the seahawks could move past them they already had a game that they uh they they bean rams all they have to do is just hoped the vikings beat the rams and then they could win this game against the falcons they'll be in first place the they've the cowboys have already loss to the packers when arron rogers was healthy in the packers now the same record as them they've already lost to the falcons were five and four min eight the not only will they have no chance to win the division the tiebreaks all work in against them in a wall cart because of i i don't believe the falcons are going to win the nfc south with seven and three carolina panthers having already beaten and the seven had to say ain't they got two games left with them but i don't think that they're nearly as good as those teams by the way the saints made a big move that i think is going to be a monster help from there are down the road but i won't say that now maceda that for later on this hour i think the saints made a huge midseason move just this week that will pay dividends at some point for the rest of the season and help the make the playoffs and maybe even when playoff games if not the whole damn shoot match for real bold what else he got elected as brian he sat out yesterday for dallas he's talking about seeing some one walking around in wornout jeans and made himself laugh ago are you i guess usually we hear from nick sabin rich she is rag in on the polls he's getting after aol reporters rat poison you know he doesn't want his players reading all this stuff jeans.

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