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I don't have a problem with the outfit, but not on a jet. It's a private jet. She can rub her ass on anything she wants. That's true. It is private. If this was a commercial flight, I would have a problem. If I got to sit in this seat afterwards, it's like, you know what I mean? I'm just not for a bear ass in a plane seats. If general for comfortability. And I was in a commercial flight and I saw a woman walking down in that outfit with that ass. I just be waiting like, is she gonna sit next to me? That is the next thing. That's practically naked. Yeah. But my concern is for lizzo's comfortability on a flight. And when I go on a flight, I try to be in the most comfortable outfit as possible. It's just not seem like she is going to be comfortable on this flight. I'm worried gay men are going to see this outfit and just steal it. We have to take a break becoming what do I and Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton, more housewives talk plus, we find out why looking for your partner's phone might not be a good idea that's next. Wow. Welcome back, so we have to talk about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trailer. It is packed with all of the drama and we're really dying to know what Kathy Hilton did to Kyle. You said some things about this beautiful sister of yours. I'm sorry, Kathy. You're not gonna get away with it. I feel like you hate me or something. Kyle. Oh, but you say those things, Kyle. The door is locked. Should we unlock it? No, don't lose. Don't unlock it. You just leave your cabbie out in the cold show. They turn on somebody every season. I did not expect it to be Kathy Hilton. Hunter, you've met Kathy. You work with Paris. Yeah. How are you feeling about how she's being treated? Tweet your faves to kind of give it this season. I don't know if a lot of talk about this, but we've talked about it, Paris and I and I know what happened with the zigzag situation because it was like right after one of the I don't know if I'm allowed to say this. But Kathy went to Kyle's house and started throwing up gang signs and said, this ain't it, mother. Kathy pulls out a butterfly knife and I swear to God she starts stabbing the door. This is all true. With a bat with a barbed wire wrapped around it, it's like a harlequin thing. I don't know what's going on. This happened for about two and a half hours. And I say they're like, wow, this is no one's going to believe me. And look, now nobody believes me. This is exactly right up. Is this all just to avoid because you really know some tea? No, I don't know anything. This is just awful. I mean, how would you feel if you were somewhere in people that you know are just like, no, me and hunter are like, don't open the door. Locked me out. I guess at that point I have enough money to break the window. That's true. So, I just, I would just be more pissed if I was locked out of somewhere and I had that mask on. I already look ridiculous and you not gonna open the door, bitch. Now we're gonna fight. Yeah. Moving on the couples from the ultimatum have just moved back in together, but things are looking a little sketch with April's fiance Jake. After he passed out drunk, April decided to seize the opportunity. I came over here to pass out your phone was unlocked. And by opened your phone and I went through it. I found videos on Jake's phone filming this close up to raise ass doing this at the plug. Why are you going through my phone right now? Why are there multiple videos? And I am psycho and I ear drop them to myself. Right now to make me look like the worst guy in the world. She was just asked me about the things in my phone. I've been open and honest with her and shelter. There is no reason to have videos about bitches doing this at the club. That's cheating. And then cheating. Because there was a joke, you didn't know the behind the story. I wasn't just filming your ass for no reason. Not sure. What is worse, you guys? Is it your partner video taping a girl twerking or are you going through your partner's phone, finding the video of them twerking? The last word. First of all, if I see a girl twerking on my boyfriend's phone, I'm confused. I love that we get to see this girl twerk twice in this promo. She's the twerker in my head. Right. If someone went through my phone, we're done. You will break up with somebody for that? Yeah, I think so. Wow, I'm not on that boat with you, my friend. Really? You have where it allows. I'm going to not ask permission to just go through your phone. I mean, I don't think you have a choice of somebody who does it behind your back. You trust them after that. Well, how do they trust you if you're cheating in the fall? Good point. Yeah. I don't think it's cheating that he's filming other girls butts. I just think it's weird. If my partner was doing that, we would have a very serious conversation that could get violent. With words. Okay, you guys finally Selling Sunset is coming back for season 5. I can't wait. Which means the fans get to see behind the scenes of Chris shells brief romance with Jason. We're in Greece. Vacation has started. I'm in love, babe. For now, I feel like things are going really well. I would love it if Chris Shaw and Jason got married. I just don't want Jason to hurt her though. Where are you guys on babies? It easily ski when you're in an office and you're obviously dating your boss. I was wondering why I wasn't getting listings. And I was like, oh yeah, it's because I'm not in my boss. That is rich coming from her. You know what? I am the boss. I mean, it's dating a coworker or a boss ever a good idea. I want you to answer this since your Friends with Chrishell. Look, I think that there are situations. I think they're circumstances where people's energy, like he knew her when she was married. He knew her through her breakup. They had a genuine friendship first. He was genuinely friends with her. And there was no funny business. Like she was dating other people. But there were always to me even as friends. He was always next to her and all the pictures. He was always very protective of her as friends. So I just think like when there's a good energy, sometimes you look up and you're like, wow. Why don't I try this? Like, it's really not in your thought there. I've definitely been guys that I've been friends with her. I'm like, why am I not dating him? Like, he's such a great guy, you know? So I think that that can happen and sometimes it's a coworker, you know? How have you guys navigated your secret? You know what? Zach? Thank you for joining us today. You will see you never. You can take it. Hunter, you posted a baby, I guess. I wasn't really on the gram this weekend like that. Right. But you know, on the timeline, I posted my cousin's baby. That's the baby. And I got so many people at me like Nina. And I was like, why am I being added about this baby? Because you know we'd have a cute baby. We would have a cute baby. There's no doubt about that. And there's only one way to find out. Okay, all right. You're done. You know, other way, really. You wouldn't even be able to handle this vagina voodoo. All right, happily die. We gotta take a break. Yeah, we have a relationship coach who picks the best supermarket aisle to hit on someone. Boy bye is next and noted..

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