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The eagles have patriots beat united super bowl fifty two the knicks lose to the hawks the nets lose to the foxes seat all loses the top ranked villanova wbz news time 401 from the ram trucks traffic center here's gloria troppo let's go ahead start out in new jersey seventy eight eastbound got this accident investigation west of exit forty one all lanes are closed has got the watching what you're going to see is number two bumper traffic avoid going there you're going to get stock and detoured around that now moving you over to what we see among islands big three the la he doesn't look bad in both directions between nassau county in queens once you get in the queen's it's a little bit slow as you make your way from the clear view to the van whic northern state not too bad going from suffolk into now south county and the southern state westbound though that starting to see those delays building up from about exit 21 over to exit seventeen now the eastbound belt coming off the verizon a bridge looks like a possible accident they're causing delays and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels right now the george washington bridge 5 to 10 on both levels in both directions the lincoln tunnel is five to ten in both directions at it's about ten to fifteen minutes in both directions at the holland tunnel traffic and transit every ten minutes on the ones and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen i'm gloria atop eye on ten wins news time 402 the aftermath of this morning's amtrak train derailment south carolina amtrak train ninety one from new york city headed to miami collided with a freight train around two thirty five this morning and casey south carolina two people were killed both identified as crew members fifty four year old michael camp of georgia the train engineer and a 36yearold conductor of the train michael seller of florida more than one hundred passengers were reported transported to local hospitals with injuries at a news conference south carolina's governor henry mcmaster said it appears the amtrak train was on the wrong track that's what it is to me for too loyd explosion that in and.

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