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Thank you care earlier just didn't fit in. I got you fit into the segment the show, south, Florida. Cory Booker announced. We haven't heard much from him yet. He's going to run for president. This is so early on and all this stuff to this is going to be incredibly busy year. It's going to be like a showdown at the OK corral. We're not kidding Olesgun. And this is going to be how much do you think? Okay. We had our oddsmaker on before our handicapper if you were to put a percentage on the state of the union address coming up on Tuesday night. How much of this particular drug bust is the president talk about how much is including the speech. It's going to be a lot two minutes. It may be a full maybe how William border patrol agents there up. I think he's gonna have the moms. Right. Uh-huh. I think he's going to have Puerto patrol agents. I think he would make a huge statement. If he had some of the children that have been saved being smuggled across the board that would be amazing sitting next to Milania and the federal drug busts biggest in history during the physical search CB p officers discovered a non factory compartment built under the trailers floor revealing numerous packages. So this guy is mule who brought it under it through. We're tried to was twenty six years old what this is worth just under five million dollars in its current form. But then it could become worth a lot more. So they trusted this guy Twenty-six-year-old with this kind of a payload you gotta figure the more experienced mules were carrying even bigger ones. They just didn't catch those saying catch him. I okay. You saw that movie the meal? Clint Eastwood is based on a true story. Was it? Not right. Okay. So how do they pick him? He was old. No one would suspect him and they found out. He had a perfect driving records tire life. Never got a ticket really skies. Perfect. So they tested him out little runs. Okay. When it got two million dollar level. They watched him like a hawk. He was gonna take the money in the drugs trading. Screw up. Wow. So what do you think who's behind like this guy? Well, that's what I'm saying. I mean, how did they was it? A twenty six year old obviously, probably desperate for money. Right. Sure. I'll drive your cucumber or they approached him because he drove a produce truck. Right. So now, you know, what the smell of the produce will hide the drugs and the smell of the drugs and the dogs won't catch it. Somebody caught him or is just in the organization and is forced to his job. I don't know. How does this work? Chase scenario. You're going to prison for a very very long time. You're kind of scary, isn't it? Have you ever heard of a place in Boston called Grillo pickles? No because for for Halloween should be Holloway Valentine's Day, they're doing pickle bouquets that you can buy pickles. Do that sounds gross. But they they know they can't keep them in. Then if you go into the place, you can make your own and they show you how to do it. So if you happen to be a Boston around valid between now and Valentine's Day, go make your. Herself a pickle bouquet just open it right away. Because that thing's probably not going to be too fresh after a while. Oh rake yesterday we had the story about Arianna Guerande and the most famous tattoo in the world as clueless celebrity as she was supposed to get a tattoo. That's at seven rings and ended up saying what ha- botchy or something right barbecue grill, something so she laughed it off and social media. Instead. I'm gonna go fix it. Okay. She made it worse did. Well, how do you change a barbecue grill to seven rings? She add she had her tattoo artists. Apparently, the same guy at a character to it to fix it. And to make it make sense to seven race, no didn't work. Apparently, they added a character for finger. So now says barbecue finger Japanese barbecue finger, which as Ricky pointed up before is a great band. Name. Somebody is playing under that name in a marquee this weekend, you know, what's going to happen. He's barbecue finger delicious. Anyway, I have a lovely birthday. Thank you have a great weekend building. Go patriots Richardson next..

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